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Mattel and alternative products offered? What did you think?

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chloesmumtoo Sat 29-Sep-07 12:23:39

Had my info pack today and looked at the toys offered. dd has alot of them and the others well there is things she would like more from the adds on tv. Anyone else not to impressed on the selection given. We have the value of £70. to come back from them and I dont really want to settle for things we dont want. Have emailed asking about other items we choose or maybe vouchers. Anyone asked this question,just wondered what they may say

MaureenMLove Sat 29-Sep-07 12:30:12

Friend of mine did. She had over £200 worth of stuff to exchange. They sent her vouchers, unfortunately not High Street or Argos vouchers. I can't remember the name of the shop, but it was a not so local independant retailer. Thing is, Mattel will be doing all they can to keep their good name, so the nicer you are, the nicer they'll be! I spoke to the Customer Services manager because the replacement SceneIt game we got didn't work (DVD faulty). She was lovely and very apologetic and the game was replaced within 48 hours.

LIZS Sat 29-Sep-07 12:30:35

We got ours this week. The selection wasn't huge and had £38 worth but chose 3 Polly Pocket sets (as we'd sent back PP) which dd is happy with. Your alternative is to try and get a refund from wherever you bought it but that may only be at their most recent price (checked with Consumer Direct).

edam Sat 29-Sep-07 12:34:13

I'm amazed Consumer Direct said that. Under the Sale of Goods Act for faulty goods you are entitled to a full refund at the price you paid, not whatever the retailer is now charging. Maybe there's some oddity about recalls. But seems very strange - the goods are believed to be faulty, otherwise why the recall?

LIZS Sat 29-Sep-07 12:40:40

I knwo edam , I was surprised too , I enquired after someone on here accepted a partial refund , in vouchers, at Toys r us.

This is the part of the reply :-

" If you have one of the products on the list, you should be able to claim a replacement from Mattel. Alternatively, you could argue under your statutory rights against the store that you purchased the product from. The relevant law would be the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended, which states that goods supplied must be of satisfactory quality and where this is not the case, the seller would be in breach of contract. The trader concerned should replace the product or provide a partial refund of the price originally paid for the goods. "

RubberDuck Sat 29-Sep-07 12:43:25

It wasn't a great choice - I did wish that we could have added some money to it to get something that the dses would have preferred, but it didn't seem like we had that option.

We had one batman figure returned and got a slightly less cool batman figure plus a small matchbox car as a replacement, so not too bad I suppose. Especially as they hadn't played with the old batman figure in a while and had forgotten all about it.

Would have preferred a bigger selection of toys to choose from.

chloesmumtoo Sat 29-Sep-07 15:19:43

Can anyone let me know where those vouchers can be spent please? Then I will know whether to except any if they offer them or not. Yeah its a real pain. Its not as though we want the extra clutter of toys they dont want for the sake of it lol

chloesmumtoo Sun 30-Sep-07 09:25:39


magicfarawaytree Tue 02-Oct-07 16:46:28

the vouchers can be used at youngsters or toy world stores. Toy world went into administration. I think youngsters must have brought some of the store. the toy masters stores that I tracked down were either closed down or local toyshops and therefore not a wide range of what I was looking for (polly pocket for me). I refused the vouchers and have just today managed to get toys that are not either of the replacement product lists. They are from the current range of polly pocket toys. I did manage to get the direct dial of the customer services manager Alison Chance and left several messages on her aph.

chloesmumtoo Wed 03-Oct-07 18:09:33

Thank you. We have a Toy Master store nearby actually. That may be ok for us. Will have to ring mattel up and see what they say now. Got an email from them telling me to phone. I wonder sometimes why I bother to email lol. Never gets me anywhere and still end u phoning. Hate phones blush. Thanks agin for your info

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