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Double pushchair (tandem) for mainly off road use - is the P&T my only option?

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MuffinMclay Fri 28-Sep-07 19:30:41

and is it really up to the job?

I need a double pushchair for a newborn and ds (he'll be 20/21 months when dc2 is born). It will be used at least once each day in all weathers to walk the dog on rough paths with heavy clay soil and long grass. It will only be used once a week, at most, on pavements.

Must be a tandem to it in the car (at least one dog has to fit in the boot too) and to fit through gates and over stiles.

Are there any others that would do the job better? I don't want a Jane (too heavy to lift in and out of the car, and I don't like the single one I have now - doesn't cope well with muddy paths, many tyre and wheel problems).

Can be from overseas as dh travels a lot with work and could get one elsewhere.

mabel1973 Fri 28-Sep-07 20:30:39

My ds1 was a similar age to your DS when i had DS2. I have the out n about nipper, It is a side by side, but is very narrow and I have never had a problem getting through most doors, gates etc. The advantage is that you can recline both seats, which is useful when you have anewborn and a child who still tends to drop off in the pushchair every now and then, you don't have this with the P&T, also you get plenty of storage behind both seats, another thing the P&T doesn't have. It has great tyres for going over rough ground, although i have had a few punctures.
A friend of mine has just swapped her P&T for the same double buggy as mine, as although she found it great when her DS2 was a baby, when he got older he would drag his hands on the back tyres, so apart from dirty hands, she was terrified of him getting his hands caught.

amazonianwoman Fri 28-Sep-07 21:05:37

The Mt Buggy double is probably the best, but side by side.

My P&T copes very well with similar terrain, and with soft sand (when most others were struggling)

And you can get mudguards now which protect little hands smile

You don't want to buy my P&T Sport do you??!! grin Only 6mths old, black, with reclining double seat, mudguards (not even used), raincover (used twice), original packaging. Used twice a week and for a 2wk holiday in North Wales. Only slight scratching to front wheel and tiny (<0.5cm) nick in handle, otherwise immaculate.

littlelapin Fri 28-Sep-07 21:07:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Fri 28-Sep-07 21:08:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MuffinMclay Fri 28-Sep-07 21:18:14

Plenty of food for thought. Than you.

Mountain buggy is far too big and heavy, and the handle is too high for me (I'm only short), so I've ruled that out (although it has got the best wheels).

Sidge Fri 28-Sep-07 22:40:23

It's not a tandem but I agree with mabel1973 that the Out N About Nipper Double is just gorgeous. I have just swapped my tandem for this one; I can push it with one finger and steer with one hand, and that's with a 12 month old and a 3.5 year old in it.

I absolutely love it; it's not overly high (I am a shortarse) and folds up very easily. It doesn't take up much more room than my tandem did, it folds flatter but wider, but can be stood up if you have an estate or MPV.

NannyL Sat 29-Sep-07 09:44:07

Ca i just ask... do you intend to lift the P&T over stiles? shock

cause it is so heavy i dont think you could!

Other than that the P&T is a truley excellent all terrain pushchair (I use one in my current job and yes it IS great) and yes to answer original question the only all terrain tandum buggy (that i can think of) likely to meet your needs!

I just wouldnt even think about lifting it over styles!

MuffinMclay Sat 29-Sep-07 13:33:09

There is one stile that I have to lift it over (others are optional extras), but it is quite low. I currently lift my Jane over it, and the weight isn't much different to the P&T. I could always make ds get out and climb over it though.

NannyL Sat 29-Sep-07 13:53:51


all i can say is you must have strong arms smile

i manage to get mine in the boot with no children in and TBG i find it difficult lifting it into the buggy trailer at the back of the tractor ride at the zoo.... even with no children in it!

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