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Need New Tumble Dryer - Recommendations please

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Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 21:46:03

Our tumble dryer is dying a slow death. We are having to put it on for longer and longer to get clothes dry. The current one is a Zanussi and we have had it about 9 years. Anyone bought one recently and can recommend a model ?
And can anyone recommend any white goods internet sites ??


unicorn Wed 13-Oct-04 21:51:41

we are currently looking for one.. seem to be loads around - we need a condenser dryer (more expensive than vented I think).. if i could do links (I will learn- I promise) i would stick in Lx

I think the prices look about ok.. but maybe there are cheaper ones (have you done a kelkoo search?)

lulupop Wed 13-Oct-04 21:55:34

We've got a great one from Bosch, whicn we bought here - they wer eso good and so much cheaper than everwhere else, we also got out washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and hob from them.

Amfs Wed 13-Oct-04 21:55:58

Just bought a Zanussi condensing dryer and I love it

Amfs Wed 13-Oct-04 21:57:03

Zanussi TCE 7124 .. got it from comet

Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 22:10:03

now i'm confused. please explain difference between condensor and vented ????

unicorn Wed 13-Oct-04 22:13:14

Warning... a VERY non technical explanation!!!

the vented one has a pipe that has to go outside the house (either through a wall, or just placed outside)

the condenser has it all built in (???)

er.. I think.

Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 22:16:25

Ahhh I see. Ours is next to the wall and the wall has a hole so would be vented I assume.
Thanks unicorn.

JanH Wed 13-Oct-04 22:27:50

Condenser turns the steam into water and keeps it in a pot, kayleigh. You have to empty it regularly.

Mine is a Creda vented, have had them for years but don't recommend this latest one because

a) it has a v small opening and the rubber seal keeps pulling off when I pull out a lump of clothes and it is not easy to put back on and

b) the filter is a squarish lumpy thing that fits into the front just below the opening and it is b awkward to move.

Bear with me and I will have a look at which.

JanH Wed 13-Oct-04 22:32:46

For vented, Which recommend an AEG - the T37320 - £450 it says (WHAT????)

Oh, well, my Creda was only about £150 so I can live with its drawbacks! It works OK anyway.

Have a look at Comet - excellent site for comparing features.

Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 22:32:48

thanks janh, that'd be great. From what you've said it's definitely the vented one I need.

Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 22:33:12

HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayleigh Wed 13-Oct-04 22:34:30

will check out the comet site tomorrow as am falling asleep at the pc thanks for your help. nighty night.

bobs Wed 13-Oct-04 23:21:30

Whe we bought a new washing machine and tumble dryer, we were told, spend the money on the first and get a cheap second as all dryers work in the same way and don't have many parts (IYSWIM)We bought a Whirlpool Creations, abou £150 and no problems after 5+yrs.
Have a look in the shops, note the model nos, then search on sites like pricerunner, dealtime, kelkoo checkaprice etc (all comparison sites for various things)

Snugs Thu 14-Oct-04 11:11:38

Can't recommend any particular models but from an economy point of view - think gas.

My sil owns a 12 bedroom hotel (LOTS of linen) and swears by her gas powered dryers. Changed from electric last year and has saved a fortune.

catgirl Thu 14-Oct-04 11:28:13

we have a Zanussi (can't remember model), bought 2.5 years ago - v. good so far, especially at one point it was hardly ever off as we dried nappies in it. We did get a vented one, but bought a condenser box - just to add that to the mix!

Kayleigh Thu 14-Oct-04 12:35:46

ok, am comparing on comet site. What is sensor drying ????? And is it worth having ???

handbagaddiction Thu 14-Oct-04 12:47:36

I use the sensor drying option all the time on ours. You bascially stick all the wet clothes in, determine how 'dry' you want them (ours has 3 options - cupboard dry, hanger dry and one other which I can't remember), switch it on and it carries on drying until it 'thinks' that they're dried to the level you selected! I think it's great as you don't need to keep going back to check whether the clothes have finished?!

Hope that makes sense!!

codswallop Thu 14-Oct-04 12:48:36

ditto basic creda reversair
i bought it ont he phone form john lewis!

Kayleigh Thu 14-Oct-04 13:01:10

janH, have found that AEG model for £273 at Appliance bargains website. Bit of a difference !!

Another question. A lot of the 6kg models have a big white door (non porthole type!) but it doesn't show which way it opens. Does it open left to right/right to left or top to bottom. It makes a difference as our tumble sits on shelf above washing machine and not sure i could reach inside door to get clothes out if top to bottom.
Thanks for all this help.

codswallop Thu 14-Oct-04 13:09:37

ring JL

princesspeahead Thu 14-Oct-04 13:18:23

bosch are very good. had one going constantly all day for the last 7 years (or so it seems) and it hasn't broken yet!

JanH Thu 14-Oct-04 13:35:17

kayleigh, looking at the comet site that AEG is hinged on the right. Don't know if they're reversible like fridges?

codswallop Thu 14-Oct-04 13:36:06

and royal vestments take some drying

Kayleigh Thu 14-Oct-04 13:37:08

didn't realise you could put ermine in a tumble dryer.

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