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Can anyone educate me on "Leapsters";?

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nightowl Wed 26-Sep-07 19:53:36

What is one? what does it do?, is it worth the money? why are they different shapes? is it like a toddlers nintendo?!

Hulababy Wed 26-Sep-07 20:05:16

I's an electronic games console. Hand held with a little stylus pen. Can buy several games for it, almost all have some educational content as well as being a game format.

I think the different shape is the age - has changed shape as made newer.

So yes, a games console for younger children - probably not as young as toddler though. More preschool upwards.

katz Wed 26-Sep-07 20:07:26

the other difference between the shapes is the older bigger one doesn't come with an in-built games where as the newer one does

nightowl Wed 26-Sep-07 20:07:42

doh! dd is four nearly, i really shouldnt keep calling her a toddler!

katz Wed 26-Sep-07 20:10:42

my dd1 got her's when she was just 4 and i have just got one for dd2 who's 2 because they fight over dd1's!

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