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Does anyone know where i can find old style Jellycat toys?

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Maudy Wed 26-Sep-07 14:31:24

My son lost his Jellycat rabbit when we were in a car accident this weekend. We had a horible time in the rain at the side of the M4 after spinning accross the carriageway, hitting the central reservation barrier and coming to a stop in the middle lane. The whole experiece was incredibly scary but the thing that is upsetting my 5yr old most of all is the loss of 'Rabby'.

I have tried contacting all the different people whose cars we sat in - Police, recovery truck, taxi etc but either they are not around or dont have it. Anyway, if i don't find it i would really like to see if i can find another one like it but Jellycat don't do the same ones anymore and i wondered if anyone knew where i could get one?

Dior Wed 26-Sep-07 14:33:46

Message withdrawn

MrsBoo Wed 26-Sep-07 14:34:29

That sounds terrible - hope you are all OK.
We had a small problem with a Jellycat teddy when my DS was little (it's eye fell off!).Can't remember how I got an address for them in London - probably google them. They were brilliant and replaced the damaged teddy, (all on the strength of a letter, as i couldn't send the teddy to them, DS can't be parted from it). Their customer service was brilliant. They sent us some other toys too.

CountessDracula Wed 26-Sep-07 14:35:23

Do you have a photo?

My dd has a jellycat bear and I found another on ebay in the states

CountessDracula Wed 26-Sep-07 14:36:06

any of these?

MrsBoo Wed 26-Sep-07 14:37:10

I will check through my files, and see if i still have the address.
have you tried here

runawayquickly Wed 26-Sep-07 14:38:04

Not sure if it's worth a little look if you are passing - sometimes TK Maxx have Jellycat and they always have end of lines and discontinued things...

Maudy Wed 26-Sep-07 14:42:37

yes have tried both of those but none have the right rabbit. I must have bought it about 5 years ago and they change their stock so much. I will ring their office but i am at work at the moment so while i can type and it look like i am working, I think a call about a rabbit is a bit of a give away. Especially as they all heard me ringing round yesterday!

Thank you for your help though.

Piffle Wed 26-Sep-07 14:44:35

maudy feel for you as dd has a jellycat rat and I fear if it ever gets lost...
our local beauty parlour (of all places) has some old stock I will have a peek for you
any specific colours or things I should look out for?

Maudy Wed 26-Sep-07 15:40:07

she is a plain beige coloured rabbit with a big round soft belly and floppy ears. Not fluffy or furry just soft, sort of veloury I suppose. I will see if i have a picture anywhere. I must have one somewhere.

Nbg Wed 26-Sep-07 15:41:39

Is it called Slackajack bunny by chance?

CountessDracula Wed 26-Sep-07 16:00:54

like this?

Bumblelion Wed 26-Sep-07 16:03:43

I love jellycat, and the last one I bought was from Harrods. It was a giraffe and it is lovely. Only small, but adorable.

Maudy Wed 26-Sep-07 17:00:14

No afraid not Countess, that one is too fluffy...but very sweet. May make a suitable replacement if necessary.

vole3 Thu 27-Sep-07 07:36:00

This is a store local to me that stocks Jellycat.

Parish Lantern
01502 711700
Exchange Square
Suffolk, NR34 9HH

cadelaide Thu 27-Sep-07 08:09:48

Is it anything like this one in my shop Maudy? This is quite a new one, but if you can remember the size or better still the name we have some old stock knocking about and I could rummage through for you.

cadelaide Thu 27-Sep-07 08:12:43

Sorry, the link didn't take you to the page, but you can click on the jellycat button. It's all pretty new though so I don't think yours will be there tbh.
I did see a "lost toys" website somewhere, could try googling it.
Got to do school run now. Good Luck!

ProjectIcarusinhercar Thu 27-Sep-07 08:27:12

what sort of size is it? Is it called comfy bunny?

Maudy Thu 27-Sep-07 10:34:47

how do i insert a picture? I found a not very good one but its the only one i have.

NotAlert Thu 27-Sep-07 10:39:21

Vole3 - I was in that shop on Wednesday!

Maudy Thu 27-Sep-07 11:00:14

ok, so i have added a picture to my profile page. I think you have to click on my name and then it should appear.

Thanks again for all your help.

Maudy Thu 27-Sep-07 11:03:28

Its not a very good one.

Piffle Thu 27-Sep-07 12:11:57

not perfect but is it similar enough to be a decent replacement

bagpuss Thu 27-Sep-07 12:15:55


Piffle Thu 27-Sep-07 12:19:42

or this

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