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Could someone please help me find a plate, cup, bowl and cutlery set for dd2.

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Trinityrhino Mon 24-Sep-07 13:45:20

I would like to find Dora ones. I really want a plate, cup,knife,fork and spoon but a bowl would also be nice. I have found a couple on ebay but from america which I wasn't going to do without first checking with you lovely lot grin

Trinityrhino Mon 24-Sep-07 13:46:22

pretty pleeease

Trinityrhino Mon 24-Sep-07 13:47:41

with a cherry on top

kitsandbits Mon 24-Sep-07 13:47:52

get a backpack too

kitsandbits Mon 24-Sep-07 13:48:21


kitsandbits Mon 24-Sep-07 13:48:53

andddd juice cup

Trinityrhino Mon 24-Sep-07 13:49:44

wow thanks, thats great
just shows how crap I am lol grin

mynameis Mon 24-Sep-07 13:49:46

Nice website called 'Heroes for Kids' does them. Sorry crap at doing links.

mynameis Mon 24-Sep-07 13:50:11

Lol beaten to it!

kitsandbits Mon 24-Sep-07 13:51:22

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