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Nice and not boring waterproof coat for 2 yr old boy

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boo64 Mon 24-Sep-07 10:41:50

Am looking for a nice bright, waterproof coat for my 2 year old ds.
I've tried M&S, Vertbaudet, Gap but can't find one. Last year we had a nice Petit Bateau one that was white and blue narrow stripes and before that a yellow one but I can only find boring ones this year!

Any ideas? Am happy to spend up to about £35.

mishymoo Mon 24-Sep-07 10:43:49

Have a look at Next online - they have some lovely coats for little boys. I have just bought one for my 2year DS but didn't realise it wasn't waterproof so will be buying another one. From memory, I think they had bright orange/red, green and navy.

NannyL Mon 24-Sep-07 11:54:23

look at muddy puddles

they have some really cool ones

bagpuss Mon 24-Sep-07 11:57:24

I love Muddy Puddles. Their Rainflex jackets are really good and not crunchy like normal waterproofs.

anchovies Mon 24-Sep-07 12:00:25

What about kidorable?

BirdyArms Mon 24-Sep-07 20:31:35

I think that Petit Bateau still do the yellow ones. Wish they did them in red too. My Mum bought one for ds1, I was too tight to spend £40 on a coat for an 18mth old, but it has been fab - not sure about repeat buying him the exact same thing though, specially when ds2 is going to have to have them as hand me downs.

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