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GAGGIA cubika vs baby vs evolution? What's your recommendation for great coffee?!

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Lizzer Fri 21-Sep-07 18:35:20

For dp's 30th birthday - the baby is THE most expensive I can go (ie £200, and would prefer cheaper)

Read reviews online but they are so wide ranging and I question online reviews cos I imagine the people who take time to write them have had a problem with the product and want to give the worst case scenario!

Think the evolution looks a bit cheap and plastic and the cubika is more his style (ie industrial) but it is any good? And is the baby worth the extra money??

Any help greatly received smile

hoxtonchick Fri 21-Sep-07 18:43:31

i got the baby for dp's 40th. it was reduced & i paid £150ish i think. it's fab (though ours is gunged up by hard water & i need to work out how to clean it). my parents have the cubika & it isn't nearly as good.

Lizzer Fri 21-Sep-07 18:48:25

Ooo, thanks hoxtonchick - I really needed a comparison. Did you get the baby online or in a shop? Most are retailing at £219, fgs!!!

hoxtonchick Fri 21-Sep-07 19:22:37

it was house of fraser at bluewater. £219 is taking the piss i think.

Lizzer Sat 22-Sep-07 09:53:21

Thanks HC, live a million miles away but this morning I'm going to trawl the internet for a cheaper's hoping smile

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