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I am a big girly poof, I want to buy Sat Nav

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LittleBella Fri 21-Sep-07 18:22:34

And I don't care, maps are so over, so don't tell me to buy one.

Please can someone recommend me a good system? Good points, bad points, what should I look out for?

Than ks

scienceteacher Fri 21-Sep-07 18:26:04

Love my sat nav. DH gave it to me for Christmas - a total luxury, but it has been very handy.

I have a Tom Tom Europe.

crokky Fri 21-Sep-07 18:26:57

I got the TOM TOM ONE (I think!). It was the cheapest Tom Tom and just comes with UK maps. I don't know much about them, but it is a good brand and has been great. I'm sure someone more knowledgable will come along!

FrannyandZooey Fri 21-Sep-07 18:27:16

don't do it

LittleBella Fri 21-Sep-07 18:27:53

Does it talk to you and tell you to go left in 3/4 mile?

LadySanders Fri 21-Sep-07 18:28:08

i have a tom tom, seemed pricey at the time, 200 quid ish i think, but its AMAZING... no more getting lost... really easy to use... highly recommended... you can pop in all your 'favourite' addresses for those people you only go to see once every 3 months who live somewhere obscure that you always forget how to get to....

biglips Fri 21-Sep-07 18:29:05

weve got a Navman N60i.........its fab!!!!....we are looking for to buy a Traffic module to attach it so if any traffic will direct us to a different direction if we dont know the area at all


scienceteacher Fri 21-Sep-07 18:29:07

Yes, it does give you spoken instructions. You can turn the volume down if you don't like it, though.

LittleBella Fri 21-Sep-07 18:29:11

Why not?

I was very sceptical and wondered why people just couldn't use maps.

But having missed a turning yet again today, I want one.

And also went in someone's car the other day and it was fab. Rural area in the middle of nowhere, we would have been lsot if relying on the map

crokky Fri 21-Sep-07 18:30:46

Mine talks, it tells you the next direction (eg "in 400 yards turn right") and then when you get close to the turning, it says again "turn right". It also has a picture on the screen showing you your next turning etc

Mine cost about £130 - but I do live in an area that is new to me and I don't know where anything is!! It was a good buy and my mum borrows it as she likes it as well.

scienceteacher Fri 21-Sep-07 18:31:08

One of the things I like about the Sat Nav is that it tells you when you will arrive at your destination - it's not just a straight map replacement.

My 8 year old is one of those irritating children who ask every two minutes when we are going to arrive, and I can now just tell her 45 minutes and 32 seconds.

Wisteria Fri 21-Sep-07 18:31:13

Don't buy anything apart from a TomTom if you want to get where you're going - they are all utter shite rubbish apart from those!

biglips Fri 21-Sep-07 18:31:29

it is fab as you can relax abit whilst on a journey that you dont know where youre going instead of stopping/reading the a-z/driving....stopping/reading the a-z/driving...

sfxmum Fri 21-Sep-07 18:31:49

I have an irrational hatred of such things since was driven to labour ward, by stupid cab driver took directions from the blinking thing

it is it biggest hospital 15min drive way ffsangry

dh tells me I swore

crokky Fri 21-Sep-07 18:32:03

yes, it does remove stress, especially when travelling with DC

biglips Fri 21-Sep-07 18:34:05

sfx - ahhhh well the taxis is different as they inserted the details on their sat nav for the longest journey to get money out of can adjust it to the quickest journey and the quick time etc

ScoobyDooooo Fri 21-Sep-07 18:34:54

Dp had one it was the Tom Tom cost £299 at the time, someone broke into his van & stole it though angry

lynniep Fri 21-Sep-07 18:38:55

I love love love mine. I have a garmin which cost about 100 quid and its the best gadget I've had for a long time. It has its downsides - because I have a basic one it doesnt give alternative routes, and sometimes it gets thoroughly confused for instance with new roads as its a bit out of date - but I keep a map in the car as backup. When I was trying to work my way through London it was a godsend. I recently moved to a new area and get lost exploring in the car - but with the GPS I can always get home. Thumbs up from me!!

NoNameToday Fri 21-Sep-07 18:50:57

Travelled in someone's car a little while ago, they had a Sat Nav ...

Ozzy Osborne's voice said '' I'm telling you to fu**in' well turn right here'!

Decided to stick with a printout from AA Route Planner, far less stressful!

biglips Fri 21-Sep-07 19:02:03

lynn - have u updated it? as its what we had to do with ours as it was 2 years of out of date till we updated it

Tortington Fri 21-Sep-07 19:05:46

buy a god dm#amned map you frake

LittleBella Fri 21-Sep-07 19:05:53

LOL I quite liek the Ozzie idea

Do they ahve other celebs?

I'd quite like Samuel L Jackson "Did I tell you to turn mother-fuckin' right here or not, now I'm gone have to re-calculate, bitch..."

Hmm, perhaps not for when the kids are in the car?

flowerybeanbag Fri 21-Sep-07 19:19:08

I have TomTom OneXL and I luuuuuurrrrve it!

I have Dr Evil from Austin Powers on mine. When I go completely wrong he says

'Throw me a frickin bone here'


It's brilliant, no more trying to read AA routes while driving, or squinting at maps with one eye, other eye on road, other eye on DS.


flowerybeanbag Fri 21-Sep-07 19:19:51

(and yes that does add up to 3 eyes which I don't have which is why I need a TomTom grin)

LittleBella Fri 21-Sep-07 20:11:34

So Tom Tom is the one then?

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