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microwave form argos 8 weeks old broken and have no receipt so cant take it back//

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Tottie32 Fri 21-Sep-07 16:04:30

i am so annoyed as i am usually so carful with receipts, but not this time.

it made a very loud bang and tripped the electric out, (thought it was the fridge) now doesnt work at all

phone argo helpline who said cant do anything as no proof of purchase and no box


sometimes i think i am meant to be poor as this is weel earned money down the drain

TheQueenOfQuotes Fri 21-Sep-07 16:05:41

wasn't a cookworks one was it??

SlightlyMadSweden Fri 21-Sep-07 16:06:24

did you pay on debit/credit card?

Tottie32 Fri 21-Sep-07 16:07:05

paid cash as i always do, sad

and it is morphy richards one,

Cappuccino Fri 21-Sep-07 16:09:06

did you get it on credit or debit card?

would the statement serve as proof of purchase?

Tottie32 Fri 21-Sep-07 16:19:30

just phoned Morphy Richards and they dont want to know either said it was down to argos sad

SlightlyMadSweden Fri 21-Sep-07 16:29:28

phone/threaten to phone trading standards on teh basis that the goods were not suitable for described purpose.

SlightlyMadSweden Fri 21-Sep-07 16:36:27

look at the answer to Q7 here a receipt is not actually required by law.

Quote "Sale of Goods" act at them both until someone resolves the issue for you.

SlightlyMadSweden Fri 21-Sep-07 16:41:09

found another site which says tjhat it is reasonable to have to prove you brought it from them though - tricky with cash.

They suggest The manufacturer of the product may be able to confirm that your product (via its serial number) was sold to the seller you brought from.

becklespeckle Fri 21-Sep-07 16:50:23

If you know what day you bought it, roughly what time and if you bought anything else at the same time then they should be able to find the details on their system.

My advice would be to go to the shop, with broken microwave in tow, and ask them to have a look on the system for you. If they won't then just kick up a fuss! TBH it shouldn't matter if you have the receipt because Argos won't lose out at all, they will just return the faulty one to Morphy Richards.

Tottie32 Fri 21-Sep-07 20:48:51

i feel like, buying a new one the same and putting the broken one in the box and taking it back with new receipt, dont know how fraudulant this would be? i am a good honest citizen with a job i could lose if i got into trouble.....

becklespeckle Sat 22-Sep-07 12:43:52

I have done this before Tottie...
Your microwave is still under guarantee but they may decide to replace it rather than refund you and then you will be stuck with 2 microwaves.

Tottie32 Sun 23-Sep-07 15:17:54

do you mean you have done the thing i said?

what did they say?

they do have the 14 day money back garanutee thing?

chopchopbusybusy Sun 23-Sep-07 15:28:34

Please don't buy another and switch it for the broken one!

I'd take the microwave back to Argos and explain that it is broken, but you don't have proof of purchase because you paid cash and have lost the receipt. Explain that you are not looking for a refund but a replacement. If they refuse then ask them to check their records as suggested earlier. Be polite but firm. You could offer to leave it with them and call back later in the day to give them time to find the details.

LIZS Sun 23-Sep-07 15:38:44

If it is 8 weeks old could it only have been in the latest AW catalogue which would prove it was a recent purchase ? Personally I'd chance going itnoa store and asking for a refund . If Argos then say no , try Morphy Richards again. Threaten them with Trading Standards , good not of merchantable quality , safety etc , you can speak to Consumer Direct for advice as to which tack to take .

Tottie32 Sun 23-Sep-07 16:10:48

ok will do. the prob is they could say i might have bought it from somewhere else.... they only know if it says exclusive to argos...

i need to look under the sofa and try and find some confidence to take it in there, i feel like just buying a new one and if i could afford it i would

becklespeckle Mon 24-Sep-07 12:06:44

I did do the thing you said Tottie, I bought an appliance which broke (very soon after purchase) but couldn't find the receipt so bought another, then took the broken one back saying I wanted a refund rather than replacement as I had got another appliance from somewhere else. Don't know what I would have done if they had insisted on replacing it though! Far better to do what ChopChop suggesed!

JodieG1 Mon 24-Sep-07 12:12:27

Don't they have cctv inside argos? If so ask them to check it on the date/time you bought it and that should be enough.

Troutpout Mon 24-Sep-07 12:20:59

A few years ago,i took a cd player back to argos after about 6 receipt ..nothing
The woman on the counter said as long as it's in the catalogue, they would replace it or give me a credit note
Have a go

alp Mon 24-Sep-07 15:20:53

I'm surprised that morphy richards aren't saying anything surely if you quote the serial number they will be able to see that it is still within warranty and just send out a new one - although you will need to send the old one back before the new one gets sent out. I've done this with a kettle and food mixer with no issues at all - both times without the reciept.

MaureenMLove Mon 24-Sep-07 15:27:06

I had exactly the same thing happen. No box and no receipt, but since the microwave was still in the catalogue, they took it back. They will give you a credit note, but since you'll want another one, it won't matter. Gotta be worth a try, rather than just admiting defent!

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Mon 24-Sep-07 16:29:59

I'd try Morphy Richards again. A friend of mine had her Morphy Richards iron blow up 11months after purchase with no reciept so Asda did't want to know. Morphy Richards happily replaced it.

ScoobyDooooo Mon 24-Sep-07 16:36:47

My mums tv/dvd in one broke the sound just stopped working she had had it for about 9 months. We toke the tv into argos explained & said we did not have the receipt, she said she would not do anything until we could prove it was from there store, luckily mym mum had brought it on her argos account, but they still tried there luck, they phoned the account people & said they could only trace 3 months back which was total crap , as when i got home i phoned the argos account people myself & they gave me all the info.

Try & take it back in there, everyone is different i am sure they make there rules up as they go along.

NAB3 Mon 24-Sep-07 16:38:27

Def not right. Quote the sale of goods at them. We have had a prob with currys but we got our way in the end.

cocolepew Mon 24-Sep-07 16:39:11

I've taken things back to Argos without a receipt and have had no prolem. Stick it in an Argos bag if you have one.

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