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GLTC (Great Little Trading Company) - Anyone else had quality issues ?

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Tillyboo Fri 21-Sep-07 14:48:59

Just wondering if anyone else has had quality issues with GLTC ?

I'm not going to order anything else from them as we've got two pieces of furniture that are pretty crap.

First one is the big play table. DH put it together a couple of months ago and it has collapsed as we've discovered that the screws that were already in place were so short that they have barely held the table together.

It's not had a huge amount of use so it's not as if it's wear and tear.

Secondly, the cheval mirror that stands on the floor. It's sort of white melamine and looks lovely but for a sodding pale yellow streaky stain right on the front. You probably wouldn't notice it if you didn't know it was there but that's not the point.

Both items were presents so it's been a bit difficult to ask for receipts so I'm going straight to GLT themselves.

It's probably all been imported from China. I'm so annoyed as the table was well over £100.00 and the mirror was about £55.00. I think you should expect decent quality for that sort of money.

Can you tell I'm angry

Fimbo Fri 21-Sep-07 14:51:06

I think the owners of GLTC sometimes post on here. Maybe I am wrong. Will try to look at old threads.

Fimbo Fri 21-Sep-07 14:55:09

Here. Perhaps you could email too. HTH

Pollyanna Fri 21-Sep-07 15:03:40

yes, ordered the big dollshouse for Christmas, when it arrived (flat pack), it wasn't right and we couldn't build it. Of course we only discovered that on Christmas day. They eventually did deliver another one (and we have still got the faulty one too!), but it was a bit too late for Christmas day.

Tillyboo Fri 21-Sep-07 15:59:06

Hmmm, very interesting.

Thanks Fimbo for the link. I will contact Will and hopefully he is still on that email address - wasn't that long ago.

See what I can do without the in-laws finding out. They bought both pieces for dd and would be very very cross and disappointed so we'll try and resolve without involving them.

Thanks again

handlemecarefully Fri 21-Sep-07 16:08:16

I ordered some of that cube storage stuff, and actually it was pretty good quality. Sorry that your stuff wasn't however

Tillyboo Fri 21-Sep-07 16:31:05

I was very surprised as the brochure looks fab .... maybe I'll just stay away from furniture items from now on.

frankie3 Fri 21-Sep-07 17:30:02

I have a table with a drawer in it (Avalon) and 4 chairs that are really well made and are brilliant quality. Had them for about 3 years now and they are still as good as new. The chairs are strong enough to hold my weight! A few friends have bought the same. So I guess it's just down to luck what you buy.

hunkermunker Fri 21-Sep-07 17:36:45

Which play table was it?

frankie3 Fri 21-Sep-07 17:55:23

It's not really a play table, just a small childrens table and chairs. It was about £50 and the chairs were about £25 each. It comes in natural wood colour or white, with a variety of chairs to choose from. It has been a great buy because it is slightly bigger than most children's tables, so my ds aged 6 still uses it.

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