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What is the best peppa pig toy?

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DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 13:47:21

DS loves peppa and I want to buy him some peppa stuff for <whispers> Christmas. We have the house. The camper van looks cool but the review on amazon rubbishes it. Anyone got other peppa things that their dc love?

dollyk Fri 21-Sep-07 13:53:22

woollies are doing a toy set I think its was £35 but they are selling it for £20 my dd loves it

kitsandbits Fri 21-Sep-07 13:55:13

this looks good

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 13:55:17

What's in it dolly?

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 13:56:20

Yeah, I saw that kitsandbits, I think that's the front runner so far. A friend has the playground sets and said NOT to buy them as they were crappy and fell apart really quickly.

kitsandbits Fri 21-Sep-07 13:56:49

i think this is it - the train - a car & more

might get this for DS for christmas

kitsandbits Fri 21-Sep-07 13:58:03

that set has got the lil play ground - but car and train too - so works out well cheaper as train is £13 alone!

even if you dodnt like the playground!!

ptangyangkipperbang Fri 21-Sep-07 13:58:31

We got a Peppa Pig playhouse from mothercare. Was reduced and I'm sure was under £10. Big enough for DS3 to go in - like a full size playhouse. You need to colour it in too so 2 activities for the price of one! Takes over your whole house but lots of fun and has a real 'wow' factor if Father Christmas has already assembled it!

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 13:58:37

Oh, that is good value even if the playground thing is a bit pants because the car and train come to alot more together...dammit, I was in woolworths this morning!

MuffinMclay Fri 21-Sep-07 13:58:49

I bought some Peppa Pig wellies for ds at Asda yesterday. They are a bit girly, and he doesn't know or care who peppa pig is (in fact, neither do I), but they were the only ones in tiny sizes (and only £6).

MuffinMclay Fri 21-Sep-07 13:59:46

Obviously, they're not really a toy though. Must learn to read properly.blush

dollyk Fri 21-Sep-07 13:59:46

I have just checked woolies its called teh peppa pig jumbo playset if you go on the website they have a picture of it and are still selling it for 19.99 I think its a good buy

RubberDuck Fri 21-Sep-07 13:59:49

We've got the house set and the car. The car is annoying cos the figures don't come out and incessantly plays the theme tune. The house isn't very well made BUT ds2 adores carrying the little figures around.

Maybe just buy a set of the figures for Christmas stocking?

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 14:00:08

ds has some peppa pyjamas - boys ones from mothercare and he loves them. When he first had them he used to bawl everytime we tried to take them off!

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 14:01:21

Oh rubberduck sad maybe I'll just stick with the train then, ds would really like that I'm sure and I don't know if I could stand listening to the theme song all day. Can't believe the figures don't come out of the car hmm

kitsandbits Fri 21-Sep-07 14:03:45

fun stocking filler

another stocking filler

dollyk Fri 21-Sep-07 14:04:06

but you do get figures that come out to I dont think that my dd plays music

hotcrumpets Fri 21-Sep-07 14:06:26

You have to get the playhouse that ptangy mentioned, we got one yesterday from TK Maxx think it was £9.99 and DD loves it.

It is one of those cardboard ones, took two mins to put up and comes with felt tips to colour it in

Will try and find a link

hotcrumpets Fri 21-Sep-07 14:07:42

here, go down the page a bit

kitsandbits Fri 21-Sep-07 14:07:45

heres the house - more expensive on ebay tho

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 21-Sep-07 14:14:33

I'm sure the dc would love that house but I can't fit it in. House is already full to the brim with plastic cr*p (will be having purge before Christmas though)

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