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toddler sized hooded towels

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ksmum Thu 20-Sep-07 16:57:26

Does anybody know where you can get these. MY daughter is very wedded to her baby towels won't use normal ones but is complaining that they are too small. She has said she is going to ask Santa for one now.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 20-Sep-07 20:19:09

We were given some by Father Christmas a couple of years ago. She He got them from John Lewis.

nell12 Thu 20-Sep-07 20:20:59

We got dd a poncho-style hooded towel for the summer holidays from mothercare. It may be a little late in the season, but it may be worth a try

LizaRose Thu 20-Sep-07 20:21:06

DS2 (4) got a superhero one like this for his birthday and loves it!

nell12 Thu 20-Sep-07 20:22:25

this one

Tottie32 Thu 20-Sep-07 20:23:31

next do some, we have a hodded rabbit one, and a hooded cat one, they are normally with jamas or swimsuits in the store

alarkaspree Thu 20-Sep-07 20:23:34

La Redoute have poncho-style ones too.

ksmum Tue 25-Sep-07 12:01:45

thanks for all the replies.

Meglet Thu 27-Sep-07 19:19:38

I'm sure Argos have them.

MrsBadger Thu 27-Sep-07 19:24:19

ooh, saw this in the Blooming Marv catalogue this mornign and thought of this thread

ksmum Tue 02-Oct-07 16:58:18

Bought these in the end. Very cute but a bit expensve. However Santa is bringing them so lessens the pain

bossykate Tue 02-Oct-07 17:01:53

Mitty James gorgeous.

MilaMae Tue 02-Oct-07 17:31:09

We have the Blooming Marvellous ones-fab!!!!! Cost me a fortune as I had to get 3 but swimming lessons with 3 under 5 is now oh so much less stressfulgrin

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