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chemistry sets

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mummypig Thu 20-Sep-07 00:17:34

I'm looking for an off-the-shelf commercially available one for my niece's 8th birthday, rather than making my own grin.

I have seen the "University of Cambridge" branded one online here. It doesn't have much info about which chemicals/experiments are included but looks fairly like one that I played with at a similar age, or perhaps a little better. Has anyone used this one and can comment on how good it is?

Does anyone have any favourites?


mummypig Tue 02-Oct-07 14:01:50

I'm bumping this because surely with all the scientists and ex-scientists on this site someone must have a child with a chemistry set?

BettyBatShapedSpaghetti Tue 02-Oct-07 14:12:20

Might not be exactly what you are looking for but my DD (7) had a coiuple of Wild Science kits.

She had the Slime one and the Bath Bomb one (not done this one yet). She enjoyed the slime -they give you the stuff to mix and make it and a booklet of experiments to do with it.

Trouble is I suppose is that each kit is limited whereas a general chemistry one would give a wider variety.

mummypig Thu 04-Oct-07 00:04:17

thanks betty for the response. I've seen those and even bought my niece a couple before, but I am definitely looking for a proper chemistry kit with lots of possible experiments. My son has done the slime one too!

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