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Buggy for toddler???

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horsemadgal Wed 19-Sep-07 00:33:11

I need some help ladies.

I need to get a buggy for my mum to use with DS. She has a cheapie stroller which she loves, however DS has started dragging his feet on the ground.

We need something for a tallish child, so higher than a normal stroller.
Big/wide enough for a 3 year old.
NOT a 3 wheeler (my mum doesn’t like them)
Must have basket. If it has single handle then must have huge basket.
Must be able to get on and off buses with it (no need to fold as buggy-bus!)
It will never be folded as my mum doesn’t drive and she will keep it up in her kitchen which is quite big.

So my thoughts so far have been:
Pliko, had one of these before (pre P3 type) and the front wheels always stuck or went the wrong way! Maybe P3 or pramette better??
Aria, same with the wheels and always felt like it could snap with heavy child in it. But if my mum likes crappy strollers anyway??
Carrera, had one of these and wish I’d kept it now! Basket not huge though, maybe better with the old one with 2 handles??
Graco Mirage or the Mothercare one the same, or there’s one on Tchibo for £49 which I think is this, very similar anyway. Had one of these ages ago and quite liked it, but DS was very small then.
Bayamo or Infinity maybe, would they be too heavy for a granny to push? Just coz I like the look of those.

Any advise would be fab, thanks all. You’re all probably going to say Bugaboo but unless someone can sell me a really cheap bargain then I can’t afford it LOL!

Roskva Wed 19-Sep-07 01:01:10

I have an M&P ultima I don't use very much because it takes up too much room in the car. It is a lot higher than my silvercross pop and the seat is wider so it would take a toddler easily. It has a huge basket underneath, and it is a four wheeler. The front wheels can rotate or you can lock them in place. It can be front or rear facing. It is heavier than the pop, though. If you're interested, contact me on olgadapolga2007 @ (without the spaces) - I'm open to reasonable offers

horsemadgal Wed 19-Sep-07 09:54:39

Thanks Roskva but I think it would be too heavy to go on and off buses with.

Roskva Wed 19-Sep-07 10:32:16

No probs

horsemadgal Sat 22-Sep-07 20:13:58


car25 Sat 22-Sep-07 23:20:56

I have a Graco Mirage and have used it from birth for my child who is now approaching 3 years. It has been fab, high up seat, massive shopping basket, light, steers well. I have been very pleased with it.

horsemadgal Sun 23-Sep-07 00:13:14

That's fab car25. I liked the one I used to have but was worried it wouldn't cope with a 3 year old.
Thanks, M x

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