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Slings, winter and newborns

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claireybee Tue 18-Sep-07 15:54:04

Am due dc2 in december and have bought 2 slings in preparation, one is a fleece wrap sling, and the other a cotton pouch. Thing is i remember with dd i never knew how much to dress her in so can any of you help?

Am guessing the fleece wrap sling will act as a warm layer, esp as it will cover most of bubs so does that mean i should not put them in a snowsuit? I dont like those puffy type snowsuits on tiny babies anyway so it would be a fleece type all in one thing if i did. Or would i miss off the jumper/cardigan layer instead and put them in the snowsuit?

The cotton pouch doesnt seem like it would offer any protection against the elements so would i dress baby in full outer wear in that?

Also the pouch doesnt seem to hold baby (well doll as baby isnt here yet!) very close to my body which seems wrong. also i thought you could bf in them but i can only get the doll to nipple level by putting my arm underneath and raising it up which kinda defeats the purpose. Does it sound to you like the pouch is too big? I got an xs so they dont go any smaller but i might get my mum to adjust it for me if you think it sounds wrong!

CorrieDale Tue 18-Sep-07 15:57:00

I find that our combined body heats are sufficient to keep DD warm with only ordinary clothing on her. That's in a wrap so there's a fair amount of fabric around her. I carry a cardi/coat/whatever with me for when I take her out of the wrap.

Can't help about the pouch I'm afraid.

LizaRose Tue 18-Sep-07 16:03:56

I never managed to bf in a pouch sling. I lifted the baby out and the sling acted as a kind of privacy cover. In winter I dressed dd in much less clothing than I would if using a pushchair, and if it was really wet/windy or whatever i zipped my coat up over her, with her head sticking out and a hat on. May have looked a bit strange, though. You can also get things like this.

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