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Looking for a new big bed with Tempur mattress? Best place in London?

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bossykate Tue 18-Sep-07 09:56:40

The title says it all really!

Have should and pelvic pain due to appalling mattress and broken bedframe - urgently need to replace before i do myself a mischief!

thanks in advance for your help smile

bossykate Tue 18-Sep-07 09:56:59

"shoulder and pelvic pain" doh!

RedBundle Tue 18-Sep-07 09:58:18

a friend said she would highly recommend warren evans (are tempur ones the memory ones? my friend didn't get one of those but i know others who swear by them)

slim22 Tue 18-Sep-07 09:59:30

have one and it's fab, but sorry can't help as not in london.
There are cheaper options, US made memory foam mattresses.
Hulsta (swedish I think) stocks very good orthopedic beds too

bossykate Tue 18-Sep-07 16:32:14

thanks for these smile any more?

Cammelia Tue 18-Sep-07 16:38:18

We had a bed made by this company a year or so ago.

It is fantastic.

I believe they sell tempur mattresses although we had ours made elsewhere.

bossykate Wed 19-Sep-07 09:51:43

cam - those look fab, thanks!

any more smile

pud1 Wed 19-Sep-07 11:53:03

i work for a company that make largebed linen and have alot to do with these
they come highly recomended by my customers

bossykate Thu 20-Sep-07 09:05:07

thank you smile

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