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Crate & Barrel = ??? Habitat maybe?

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yajorome Tue 18-Sep-07 09:22:29

I need to buy some not too expensive new rugs, floor lamps, boring stuff like that and was looking for a Crate & Barrel-esque store in London. What's the nearest thing? Is it Habitat? Their stuff looks nice, especially some of the rugs - is it? Is there anywhere online or mail order?

I just want it to last a few years, so don't need ultra high quality or style!

LIZS Tue 18-Sep-07 09:25:36

Cargo Homestore, Debenhams casual living range was originally based on C and B but has changed a bit over the years

theprecious Tue 18-Sep-07 11:41:56

ooooo i love C&B in the US.... try ikea, they have some really nice rugs and things, you just have to search them out.

Wilbur Tue 18-Sep-07 11:52:09

I was going to say Debenhams too - a bit like it. Habitat is a bit more £££ but good design and quality, Ikea less quality, but they often have some really stunning things at fab prices. Although nothing is as wonderful as Crate and Barrel - love that shop. I did all my Xmas shopping there one year in about 20 mins flat, so much fun stuff. Sorry, that's not v helpful is it?

yajorome Tue 18-Sep-07 21:32:42

Ooh, I'll definitely try Debenhams then, I hadn't even thought of that - thanks! I have a thing against Ikea. Think it's in part because it's such a horrid shopping experience and I've found that their stuff falls apart sooner than I expect it to. Or maybe we're just really hard on furnishings (could easily be that!)

LIZS Wed 19-Sep-07 18:53:58

oh and if you're quick the Daily Mail (!) are printing 20% off Debenhams tokens this week.

Pannacotta Wed 19-Sep-07 19:03:52

Habitat, John Lewis and Debenhams all good IMO, JL and Debs you can buy on line too.

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