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Tesco discount codes?

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bunnyrabbit Fri 08-Oct-04 18:26:32

Anyone got any discount codes for Tesco?


Kayleigh Fri 08-Oct-04 20:07:43

a bump for bunnyrabbit....

bunnyrabbit Sat 09-Oct-04 14:30:01

Thanks K.. bump again...

Catbert Sat 09-Oct-04 14:48:01 ones? I have done, but not at the moment... I got them converted back to store discount vouchers - you can only have one or t'other apparently. Slightly irritating!

bunnyrabbit Sat 09-Oct-04 15:06:10

Hi Catbert,
Yes I find that annoying too, altough I'm getting my vouchers online now, but I didn't mean clubcard vouchers, I meant the discount codes they sometimes give out. You know '£5 off when you spend £50 or £10 off when you spend £100 at"...


AuntyQuated Sat 09-Oct-04 15:09:29

here's one


"£5 off when you spend £50 on your first order"

but i have ordered from the for ages and it let me use it once.

charliecatthenonsmoker Sat 09-Oct-04 15:14:06

XX-RPNB expires tommorow

charliecatthenonsmoker Sat 09-Oct-04 15:15:02 £10 Off £50 Tesco Promotional Code

Use this discount code to get £10 off your next order of £50 or more at the Tesco Superstore online.

Promotional Code: XX-RPNB
Expiry: October 10/2004


How: Enter the code at checkout.

Published Sep 16, 2004 - 06:12 AM comments?

bunnyrabbit Mon 11-Oct-04 15:24:25

Bum just missed this.. thanks anyway will use it next time


bunnyrabbit Mon 11-Oct-04 15:34:22

Just added XX-RPNB to my discount codes and it expires 17 October.. better get in there quick!!

sleeplessmumof2 Sun 17-Oct-04 13:12:54

anyone got any uptodate discount codes for tescoes ?

incywincy Sun 17-Oct-04 13:31:04

hi, try here tesco codes

mexico Wed 20-Oct-04 08:56:17

Just received this one:
eCoupon XX-PN7K

Valid on deliveries up to 21/11/2004

Libb Sun 13-Feb-05 13:02:17

Don't suppose there are any recent tesco discount codes still valid hanging around?

Thanks in advance!

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