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Girl's earring caddy - where can I get one?

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lilolilmanchester Sun 16-Sep-07 11:49:08

Friend's DD is having ears pierced and I said I would get an earring caddy for her. I can't find any which don't come with jewellery boxes and friend has asked me not to buy another jewellery box, just the earring box. Internet search hasn't given me anything, anyone seen such a thing anywhere recently?

Tamdin Sun 16-Sep-07 11:51:59


lornaloo Sun 16-Sep-07 11:52:14

Sorry earing caddy? Is that one of those metal grin like things you put your earings on? If it is you can get nice ones in Claires, they do heart shaped ones ect.

lornaloo Sun 16-Sep-07 11:52:32

*grid not grin.

lilolilmanchester Sun 16-Sep-07 12:03:29

I was thinking more of a box with little compartments, but will look at the thing you mentioned in Claires Lornaloo. Just had a look at Muji, thanks Tamdin. The clear acrylic box might be ok, tho not very little girlish.

lilolilmanchester Sun 16-Sep-07 22:07:05

bumping for evening crew...

SueW Sun 16-Sep-07 22:11:00

Link this but probably cheaper?

SueW Sun 16-Sep-07 22:11:55


lilolilmanchester Sun 16-Sep-07 22:16:01

SueW you are a star, was looking c. £10 and several on your second link. What did you search on to find it btw? I did an internet search before posting and didn't get this site.

SueW Sun 16-Sep-07 22:20:54

You're welcome

Thought the last lot might fit the bill.

Searched Google. First on earring jewellery box

then earring case pink

then earring case

always picking <pages from the UK>

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