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Acrylic make-up holder?

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morningpaper Sun 16-Sep-07 09:23:30

My mum's got an acrylic make-up holder for her dresser that Lakeland used to do - but I don't think they sell them anymore. Where can I buy one?

ThePigletGuru Sun 16-Sep-07 09:24:00

The Holding COmpany?

ThePigletGuru Sun 16-Sep-07 09:25:09

like this?

Tamdin Sun 16-Sep-07 09:25:43

I got some acrylic square boxes with 3 drawers in each from habitat. Great for sorting everything out so you can see at a glance what you have/need

morningpaper Sun 16-Sep-07 09:27:09

that looks good piglet, although the one my mum's got fits on a shelf and is progessively rising (WTF? I mean like ermm cinema seats - so it is useful on a shelf and you can see everything)

bit pricey too

morningpaper Sun 16-Sep-07 09:28:48

like this

ThePigletGuru Sun 16-Sep-07 09:30:07

Holding Co is always pricey... how about this place?

sfxmum Sun 16-Sep-07 09:36:07

Muji has loads

sfxmum Sun 16-Sep-07 09:39:17


ThePigletGuru Sun 16-Sep-07 09:42:41

Ooh I think we have a winner with Muji!

morningpaper Sun 16-Sep-07 10:03:32

oooh yes muji has it

AND they appear to do online ordering

well done!

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