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DS is 1 in a month, what can I get him?

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gio71 Sat 15-Sep-07 22:24:24

Ideally from a site that will deliver internationally. Have just been trawling amazon and made a list of possibles all of which dp has dismissed as being too old/gimmicky/blah blah for him. Any ideas welcome....

emkana Sat 15-Sep-07 22:25:27

Has he got a ride-on car type thingy yet?

fransmom Sat 15-Sep-07 22:29:53

ball pool? not sure if early learning centre deliver internationally though hmm

gio71 Sat 15-Sep-07 22:30:56

no but my Mum has already grabbed that idea and booked it as her present about 6 mths ago.sneaky!!!!

fransmom Sat 15-Sep-07 22:32:43

the cheek grin

NappiesGalore Sat 15-Sep-07 22:34:04

one of those cert thingys with wooden blocks in the front. they can walk aroun pushing it in front of them and it gets them practicing walking. mine seemed to love those things.

moondog Sat 15-Sep-07 22:35:01

It is not the law to get a kid a present.
If they don't need anything,why buy it?

FluffyMummy123 Sat 15-Sep-07 22:37:19

Message withdrawn

TotalChaos Sat 15-Sep-07 22:39:30

swing? little trampoline?

TotalChaos Sat 15-Sep-07 22:39:56

shape sorter? fisher price peekablocks toy - say giraffe?

chocolateteapot Sat 15-Sep-07 22:41:25

Wooden Noah's ark

Aitch Sat 15-Sep-07 22:43:15

he'll get loads of stuff, just leave it. or stick the money in a bank account for him.

NappiesGalore Sat 15-Sep-07 23:44:01

its true actually. you could wrap up a pair of old socks and hed enjoy that as much as anything tbh.
make the most of it before the demands start rolling in, i say! [gutted coz i realise this crimbo, my dc will actually know its crimbo for first time and i will be expected to actually do the whole number agghhhhhhhhh]

ThePigletGuru Sun 16-Sep-07 00:05:23

Premium Bonds. Potentially a million quid!

He will get tonnes of stuff. Buy him something to keep, if you really want to, or my DS would have been happy with a saucepan and a wooden spoon grin

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