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GAS and ELECTRICITY what do you pay????????

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Skribble Thu 13-Sep-07 13:23:21

I am trying to find out why I am paying so much and if what I pay is average.

ATM I pay 29 per month for gas

and £83 per month for electricity.

We live in a 3 bed ex council property, central heaing has been off all summer, only gas I use is the hob only using 1 or 2 rings every 2 days, not even everyday.

Electicity wise the usual stuff like fridge freezer etc, new washing machine 1 load a day, tumble dryer 1 load a day (half a wash load as I hang half of it around the house). dishwsher on once a day with a full load and water heated twice a day for half an hour.

I want to change to another supplier and get a better tarrif is there better deals or do they all average out tp much the same???

AnnabelCaramel Thu 13-Sep-07 13:25:16

Blimey, £83 seems a bit steep. I've just had bills where my direct debit was going to be doubled for a SLIGHT increase in use - rang and ranted and they dropped it back again. They do try it on.

Skribble Thu 13-Sep-07 13:29:39

I did phone and they said as I was 33 in credit they could drop it to £70, but that is still no use if I am only getting a slight drop due to it being the summer, obviously it will go back up in the winter and I will only get behind again.

I am going to test my usage on the meters especially gas it surely can't cost £29 a month through the summer to heat a pan of pasta every 2 days. there is nothing else running off the gas. So I have taken a reading and will not use anything for 24 hours and see if it has moved. I will have to try and do the same with the electricity. Harder to do but if I am going to be out all day I will turn everything off even the freezer and see if it moves, because it must be racing round.

EmilyDavidson Thu 13-Sep-07 13:36:57

You could think about changing your supplier. I am looking at the switching websites at the mo and they seem to reckon I could save about £200 a year on gas and electric combined , and that would be through npower so it is a decent company.

I've got a three bed house too and my electric is £65 a month at the moment. Tumble driers use loads of electric , I am trying to use the washing line as much as I can before the winter sets in.
the other thing that uses loads of electric is the shower ,my kids stay in it for ages.

Skribble Thu 13-Sep-07 13:59:47

Ah yes never considered the shower, my kids are in forever too. I think I will have to start setting the timer again (was very effective). I was in myself for over an hour yesterday breaking my heart but that is another story.

I guess I will have to buy another set of winter dykes and figure out where to put them hmm.

I want to switch supplier but not if the saving is't that much and I end up paying them same. I was checking the moneysupermarket, loads give cash back and have lower rates per kwh

NannyL Thu 13-Sep-07 18:01:38

3 bed excouncil terrace

me not there most of the week (and often not much of weekend either). I also eat at work so rarely cook at home!

pay £19 per month for combined gas and elec

have recently changed providers from british gas where i was paying £26 / month

NannyL Thu 13-Sep-07 18:05:11

i also have all energy saving bulbs and although i own a tumble dryer i have used it about 5 times EVER (only ever for towels) but in the summer I line dry towels as i always do the rest of my clothes

my washing machine is on about 6 times per month, 1 wash 1 weekend, 2 washes the next-ish

Im careful to always turn things off properly and dont leave stuff on standby

My gas is on to heat the hot water but only for 40 mins per day (was thinking of reducing it to 30mins cause i always have hot enough water.... well its set to 54C or whatever an optimum figure is!

I pay £15 /month for combined water

NotAnOtter Thu 13-Sep-07 18:05:25


NannyL Thu 13-Sep-07 18:07:19

skribble if it helps i know my fridge freezer uses about 4 units per day.... (cause that was the ONLY thing with power when i went on holiday... i even unplugged my bedroom clock and silly things like that!) cause i wanted to know!

Sidge Thu 13-Sep-07 18:08:25

We have a 4 bed semi, and have gas central heating and hot water, and gas cooker. Electric for usual things, but including the shower. Electric showers cost A LOT to run!

We pay £68 for electric and £45 for gas.

AllieBongo Thu 13-Sep-07 18:12:09

i pay £30 gas and £40 electric for a 4 bed house with 4 people in it. Have a look on here You can switch and get £15 cash back

Skribble Thu 13-Sep-07 19:50:33

Thanks everyone, I wil have to experiment and check the meters and all that.

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