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Difference between karate and judo uniform? ANyone know?

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miljee Wed 12-Sep-07 08:16:20

More curious than anything but I'm looking for a karate suit for my DS online and see there does seem to be a difference in that they're advertised separately. Anyone know why? And you seem to get karate suits in a rainbow of colours. What's that all about? I do mean the uniform, not the belts!

miljee Mon 17-Sep-07 17:14:34


DumbledoresGirl Mon 17-Sep-07 17:22:17

Did you see I was selling 2 karate suits here a couple of weeks ago? You might have seen and already found out what I have is no good for you, but just in case you did not see the thread at the time, I still have 2 karate suits, one size 120 and one size 150 but both very adaptable in that I took up the legs on them.

coppertop Mon 17-Sep-07 17:27:44

Judo suits are usually thicker and stronger because of all the pulling and throwing.

Different clubs have different colours. Some/most prefer the traditional white. Others prefer a different colour.

OrmIrian Mon 17-Sep-07 17:33:03

In karate the different colours are usually frowned on by the more traditional schools. They rely on belts to show ability levels and the suit should be white. Then there are the very commercial MacDojos (as they are called wink) that have so much colour and text on the suits they look like formula 1 racing cars hmm

Know nothing about judo ...sorry...apart from the fact that it looks painful.

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