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Jane Powertwin - opinions

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claireybee Tue 11-Sep-07 13:55:54

I've just got one of these second hand from my cousin to use from December when LO2 arives (dd will be 18 months).

I was initially delighted cos didn't think i'd ever get a top model like that but tbh having played with it a bit it scares me!

It is twice the weight of the travel system i had for dd, although I admit that it didnt feel at all heavy when i was pushing it around house and garden. I dont think i'll be able to lift it in and out of car, although thats not actually a problem cos i don't drive so am never in car by myself. Has anyone pushed it long distances? Town is 40 min walk away and buses are ones you have to put buggy down to get on so not really an option... I am 5'2 and a weakling so am worried i might not be able to get out and about with it!

It just seems so massive to me (currently push dd around in bebeconfort vit which is tiny!) and dd seemed so far away from me when she was in front seat, dont think we'll be able to talk to eachother as we go along.

How have you found it for going around shops etc? I was impressed with the turning circle but manage to crash dd's vit frequently in shops so not sure how i'll manage with a tandem!

Are all these worries just cos i'm not used to it? Please tell me how much you love yours, and that you can push it for miles without getting sore arms/back etc and that your toddlers dont mind at all that you can't talk to them when they are in the front and that it goes around shops like a dream!

preggersagain Tue 11-Sep-07 13:59:46

quick word of warning- with a toddler in the front watch the wheels- v. easy for them to get feet stuck in as there's no real barrier!

claireybee Tue 11-Sep-07 14:12:52


It's scary! (I've left the buggy at my parents for now and it is turning into a monster in my mind-someone tell me good things about it!)

Meeely2 Tue 11-Sep-07 14:23:00

i had one from birth for my twins and loved it......i am also 5' 2" and could get it in and out of my car with no real issues. Very light to push, easy to steer and brake is handy for the front wheel when going down hill.

I swapped out when boys were just over one cos they used to fight about who was going in the front and the one in the back used to torment the one in the front. I had no issues with buggy itself other than the basket was too small underneath and the rain cover was a pain in the arse cos it wasn't attached to the buggy, you used to have to take it on and off when going in and out of shops and put it in the basket (which filled it).

IMHO it's a great buggy especially if u have managed to get it second hand. give it a whirl after baby arrives, if you don't like it sell it on ebay (they still fetch about £200).....

MuffinMclay Tue 11-Sep-07 15:34:12

I've only got a Jane single pushchair and find that a PITA to lift in and out of the car, and I bump into things all the time in shops (but I am very clumsy). I'm only 5'2 too.

claireybee Thu 13-Sep-07 12:25:44

Has anyone found it unstable? Thats my other worry with it...
Yes the plan is to give it a go and sell it on if i dont get on with it. I think maybe i just need to get used to it (and perhaps stop driving my buggy like a maniac!)

Meeely2 Thu 13-Sep-07 14:33:39

a wee bit unstable going up and down curbs, when you shift weight to front wheel - but you soon get used to how it feels and compensate.

piximon Thu 13-Sep-07 15:44:52

I am 5'4 and bought mine when my twins were very small. I find it great for getting out and about, it certainly made life easier compared to my side-by-side. I'm used to pushing a 3-wheeler as I already had a P&T but they do take a little getting used to, my student helper and my aunt both managed to tip it.
It does seem huge at first but you soon get used to handling it and it's so light to push and steer. I also love the handle brake, makes life so simple going down steep hills or near the kerb waiting to cross.
I hate having to fold it and lift in and out of Dh's car. I didn't mind the rain cover, I liked the big air holes that can be opened for when you're popping in and out of shops so I just leave it on. Nightmare trying to put on alone on a very windy day though. Now my twins are older I do prefer my P&T but since you've got the use of one for free I'd say go for it.

hana Sun 16-Sep-07 22:54:36

I have a powertwin for a 19m gap and love it. I use it for the school run with the 2 little ones - I can still hear the toddler in the front when she is talking - it doesn't seem far away (for me!) I dont use it in the car that much - I try to avoid taking 2 kids shopping as much as just keep a single in the boot. The small shopping basket isn't an issue for the same reason.
Try not to go up and down the kerbs tho - look for an opening instead

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