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calling all Micralite Fastfold owners for help...

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Flumpity Mon 10-Sep-07 22:36:28

hi, have the micralite newborn plus which has been fabulous in every way so far with the maxi cosi car seat and the carry cot. However, dd is 3 1/2 months and getting fed up with the carry cot now... so I'm hoping some of you experienced micralite mums can answer my 3 questions:

what age did you find it ok to move your lo into the pushchair instead of the carry cot given it doesn't recline much? I keep reading 6m but what do i do for the intervening 2 months??? what did you do?

How much does it actually recline and could your baby nap in it or is it just too upright for that? (our pushchair is folded away in its bag at the mo so i can't check easily).

Can you still put the car seat and adapters on the pushchair once its in pushchair mode without having to fold the canvas pushchair away into its bag (which is a major faff)?

thanks in hope. x

caughtintheact Mon 10-Sep-07 22:59:09

yes I found this the major downside to this system! I remember trying dd in the pushchair at around 3.5 months and she just looked swamped! In the end we stopped using the carry cot when she was 5 months and could roll, as the instructions say it's not safe and dh is a bit of a safety nut. I was a bit worried at first (I think I kept trips short for a week or two)- I thought she looked so uncomfortable, but she soon got used to it, (or grew a bit!) and it really is a fantastic buggy to push.

-there seems to bit a bit of a grey area in teh 'official' guidance about the age it's appropriate to use from, but I think it's probably ok before 6 months if she can support her head really well. 3.5 months was too early for my dd though - she slumped way too much. try it out, you'll see what I mean if it happens!

-if you need an interim measure, why not use your car seat instead of the carrycot or pushchair?

-do you have the fleecy winter lining that comes with the footmuff? it makes it look much more comfy and stops them sliding down so much

-it really doesn't recline much, i'm afraid. this is my major dislike of it in fact. however, my dd does sleep in it so it's probably just my perception of her comfort and not how she really feels!

-you do have to fold away the pushchair to put on car seat. it is a bit sucky, i agree. you get better at it with practise though!


Flumpity Tue 11-Sep-07 04:28:10

really helpful thanks very much. car seat a good plan. i'll use that for another month or so i think then rather than unfurl the pushchair just yet.

dazedandconfunded Tue 11-Sep-07 19:41:53

We used the car seat too. But dd was happy in the pushchair from about 4.5 months; in fact, furious if we tried to make her lie donw!

Flumpity Tue 11-Sep-07 20:59:47

thanks. i'll wait a month for the pushchair i think and try like you did at 4.5m. car seat here we come. x

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