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Am after some sleeping bags. Anyone got any to fit a big 8m old

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UCM Sun 09-Sep-07 23:24:39


meandmy Mon 10-Sep-07 00:02:30

have you got a tk maxx they do sleeping bags fairly cheap and on the odd occasion in larger size

Seona1973 Mon 10-Sep-07 10:42:18

kiddicare do grobags up to 3 years.

Bumpto3 do them up to age 10!!

bubblagirl Mon 10-Sep-07 10:47:49

matalan is where i got my sons 6-12 mth it was about 6 or 8 pound or look on e bay

Seona1973 Mon 10-Sep-07 10:50:31

the proper grobags do a 6-18month size which would last longer than a 6-12month one, especially if your lo is quite big.

bubblagirl Mon 10-Sep-07 10:57:30

6-18mths is what i meant to say as my son has always been really big for his age

UCM Mon 10-Sep-07 22:52:36

I am just about to check ebay, but would rather have bought from a Mnetter.

Thank you anyway.

weeonion Mon 10-Sep-07 23:13:55

ucm - i have a couple of grobags i was gonna sell. what tog are you after?

bubblagirl Tue 11-Sep-07 08:59:52

hi while browsing hrough jane4 for sale items she has a girls grow bag 6-12 mths for sale 1.5 tog if i remember correctly x

weeonion Tue 11-Sep-07 14:54:55


accessorizewithbabysick Tue 11-Sep-07 22:06:35

I've got too many in 6-18 months so could sell one on if weeonion can't help you.

UCM Wed 12-Sep-07 01:04:55

Hi, couldn't reply any earlier. I need 12+ as DD is quite big.

Am willing to buy???

accessorizewithbabysick Wed 12-Sep-07 09:07:17

I think mine are all boy designs (as I have boys!). I have a big one in pale blue gingham but prob not girly enough is it?

weeonion Wed 12-Sep-07 10:41:12

ucm - i have 2 white toweling with grey jersey inside and a cream one with animals print on it. they are all 6-12 months/ i have a plain cream one as well. £5 each plus postage?

UCM Fri 14-Sep-07 21:52:45

Ok, following advice on here I bought one from matalan 6/12 months, it's not going to fit for long though.

So I am after 12 18 months ones, nothing smaller, but thank you for the offers.

I would like unisex or pink though as DD has everything blue, having had an older brother. People keep asking what 'his name' is grin

weeonion Fri 14-Sep-07 22:20:46

hi ucm - i have some that go up to 18months. i have put the pics on my mn profile - i am not sure how to do picturerail!!!! can email you more pics / info if you want!

weeonion Wed 19-Sep-07 17:34:28

ucm - havent heard back from you after CAT?

UCM Fri 28-Sep-07 22:19:25

Hi WO, I have paid you through paypal.

UCM Sat 29-Sep-07 22:49:08

HI Weeonion, I looked on my paypal a/c and the money I sent wasn't claimed so am assuming I sent it to the wrong person. I have cancelled it and will email you to do it again {smile}

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