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JackieNo and CLEVER CLEVER sourcers please source me a cheaper version of.......

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NotAnOtter Sun 09-Sep-07 22:42:26


NotAnOtter Sun 09-Sep-07 22:43:21

its lovely but too too much for my daughter!!

Wallace Sun 09-Sep-07 22:43:39

a bed in a fish tank...coolgrin

moondog Sun 09-Sep-07 22:43:46

IKEA do something very similar for about £130.
Would look the same painted.

Wallace Sun 09-Sep-07 22:54:01

this one from ikea

NotAnOtter Sun 09-Sep-07 23:16:05

yes saw the ikea one moondog - just not as nice...

bubblerock Sun 09-Sep-07 23:45:13

Tesco have a couple but only one (3ft) in stock (£5 off voucher TDX-WILL05 + 5% quidco). The White co one looks very simple for the price, could you get a local joiner to make one for you?

NotAnOtter Sun 09-Sep-07 23:49:32

i agree bubblerock but am unsure where to start...

NotAnOtter Mon 10-Sep-07 14:03:21

bumping for day crowd!

NotAnOtter Mon 10-Sep-07 17:04:26

and evening!

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:16:46

Only just seen this - will google...grin

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:20:18

Again not white, but could be painted.

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:22:17

Not wooden, but very pretty?

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:27:07

Or this?

Pollyanna Mon 10-Sep-07 17:27:19

the one in aspace is £495, so it is cheaper...

Pollyanna Mon 10-Sep-07 17:27:58

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:29:45

Also features pinkgrin. Aspace stuff is lovely.

DarrellRivers Mon 10-Sep-07 17:32:45

JackieNo, have just had my aspace catalogue today and they do good value bunks at £395. But pine with whitewash which I think I hate
Any experience of painting whitewashed pine?
Is aspace furniture good quality and would you recommend it?
Last bought a white company bed for DD1 which although pricy was excellent quality and easy to out together.
they don't do bunks this year though and the normal price bunks at aspace seem to be quite dear.

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:35:31

Afraid I've only ever drooled over the Aspace catalogue, DarrellRivers, but I've seen other people saying it's good quality.

JackieNo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:36:20

Sorry - missed a question - no, no experience of painting whitewashed pine. You might have to put on some sort of primer first, I guess.

Pollyanna Mon 10-Sep-07 17:37:30

I have got an aspace bed for dd1 - it's the one with drawers underneath. I'm not that impressed with the quality (there's nothing wrong with it though)- it's a very nice bed and looks lovely, but that dreams one that Jackieno linked to looks just as nice imo.

NotAnOtter Mon 10-Sep-07 17:38:44

wow!!!!! fabulous everyone!!
I was really hoping for double bed size....

DarrellRivers Mon 10-Sep-07 17:40:37

Sorry to have hijacked your thread otter with talk of bunkbeds
can't decide whether to buy aspace or just buy the ikea hemnes ones..or will they be rickety....

NotAnOtter Mon 10-Sep-07 17:46:25

aspace stuff is truly nice!!

i bought my dd a white company sleigh bed when she was small...i have seen many imitations but the nice stuff looks better longer imo...

roomtogrow in my town has good sales on bunkbeds

you can google them

NotAnOtter Mon 10-Sep-07 17:53:40

grr just tried to wangle a discoubt with white company but no joy

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