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Dreamicot Recall for Quinny Buzz

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PaperQueen Sun 09-Sep-07 11:45:28

Can anybody help me out with this??
I went to the shop where I bought my Quinny Buzz & Dreamicot & Maxi Cosi seat and of course all the other accessories.
Yesterday's visit was to have the Maxi Cosi seat corretly fitted to the car & the Dreamicot carbed.
However, when we got there we were told that all the Dreamicot car beds had been recalled as the handle broke and that we should haved been telephoned to return the Dreamicot.
We weren't telephoned and I have been unable to find any info on this on the Quinny website or indeed any other website.
Has anybody else heard about this?
I was oddly hormonal yesterday and incredibly disappointed as the old Dreamicot weighs a tonne and cannot be fitted to the car.
And it was a compromise for me to choose the Quinny because it's not the perfect buggy but weighing up the pro's and con's the decision was based on the light weight Dreamicot and the fact that we would regularly do trips that are over an hour and a half and therefore the Dreamicot carbed was most suitable.
I'm really disappointed with the service and with Quinny. We didn't get an apology from the the store or an expanation as to why we were not telephoned. My baby is due this week so you can imagine what's going on in my head!
I will contact the Quinny distributor tomorrow by telephone but if anybody else has any experience of this can you let me know??
Thanks! (V distressed and hormonal mum to be)

meandmy Mon 10-Sep-07 00:04:38

you need to shout nearlythere she got pushchair shop and is always got fab advice

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