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Footmuff for Phil and Ted

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TheMags Sat 08-Sep-07 14:24:47

Just realised that DS2 is going to need a footmuff for the Phil and Ted this winter. I've had a look at the sleeping bags especially designed for the P & T but they look a bit enclosed - have anyone got one and would you recommend it? Alternatively have anything used another footmuff other than the official P & T one? Thanks

MrsPuddleduck Sat 08-Sep-07 14:41:51

I have one of these. The fleece lining is so soft and cuddly you want to get in yourself.

It's not enclosed as you can part unzip it at the front and then 'peel' the front part down and secure to the bottom with poppers. If it was a really cold day you could rug DS2 up to his neck and keep him really warm.

If you go to mothercare I bet they will let you take it out the packet and check before you buy,

bagpuss Sat 08-Sep-07 19:07:39

I second that. We loved ours and it really has lasted a very long time. We popper ours down too.

NannyL Sun 09-Sep-07 17:12:39

we use the one from the mamas and papas in our phil N Teds and that is fine too

pinkyminky Mon 01-Oct-07 20:44:25

Phil and teds sleeping bag is fab. I also used it at a sleeping bag for my baby on our camping holidays this summer!I have a buggy snuggle on the front seat which is bigger for longer legs.

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