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combination car seat/booster seat: team tex/mothercare/mychild

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ksmum Thu 06-Sep-07 13:15:50

I want to buy a spare car seat for occasional use in my brother's car. It would probably only be used once a week for a short journey so I don't want to spend #100 on it.

Have seen the mothercare one which is about #60 and which lasts until they are 12 as turns into a booster.

however have also seen 2 muich cheaper version: team tex and my child, both about #30 or 40 on kiddicare and anotehr website whose name I can't remember. I don't know anything about these brands and obviously I don't want to compromise on safety but maybe they are fine just not well known brands. Anyone ever heard of them?

ksmum Thu 06-Sep-07 14:04:29

This is the type of thing:

it has a 5 point harness so am assuming that means it is quite safe?

ksmum Thu 06-Sep-07 16:26:06

I seem to be talking to myself but I have now moved on as have decided these are not that safe from some other messages.

My next question is: Fisher Price seem to have soem relatively cheap Group 2 seats. DOes anybody know if they are safe or not?

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