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icandy pear - where do i get one of these?!

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chummymummy Thu 06-Sep-07 13:01:23

Hi, i was all set on a Phil n Teds (2nd baby due in a few days), but have just seen an advert for the Icandy Pear which looks amazing. Does anyone know where i can see this or get this or even if its out yet?

MrsFogi Thu 06-Sep-07 14:05:14

I'm in the same situation. As far as I have found out they are not out yet and it's going to be very hard to see one in the flesh until the end of September. But if anyone has seen one I'd be very interested to know their views.
Are you getting it for a toddler and a baby chummymummy? I'm a bit concerned that it may be a bit squashed for the toddler.

chummymummy Thu 06-Sep-07 18:28:29

kind of, the age gap is just under 14 mths, so my toddler (who has only recently started to toddle-bless!) will still be using the pushchair for a while. Most of the other tandems like the powertwin and the P&T have the toddler seat at the front so this isnt too much of a problem with those. The icandy pear however,looks as though the bigger, toddler seat fits at the back, so i know what you mean.
I need to see one of these!!!

Do you know if the pear is really just the apple chassis with some extra attachments? Or if its a completely seperate pushchair? If it is the apple, i might just hunt one of those down tomorrow and try to imagine what the pear will look like. Either way, i'll put off getting the P&T for a while and try the sling/stroller method to get about until im sure which tandem to get.

andyrobo237 Thu 06-Sep-07 19:26:27

The Pear is the Apple frame with an additional seat unit to attach to the frame (have you looked at the ICandy website - it is The apple frame is quite high, so there is plenty of room to add the seat on (in theory!)

ScottishMummy Thu 06-Sep-07 19:46:20

i used to have icandy apple, and with the pear attachments it converts to twins/doubles pram. so either use your existing apple and buy pear attachment or buy apple and pear attachments too

manufacturer website information

stockist list on website

ScottishMummy Thu 06-Sep-07 19:48:05

icandy apple chassis is v roomy i can easily imagine it accomodating extra seat unit

MrsFogi Fri 07-Sep-07 11:53:56

I've taken a look - it looks less cramped than I remember. Please shout mners if you find one anywhere I really want to see one in the flesh and will be doing like chummymummy with the sling in the meanwhile.

CJ07 Tue 20-Nov-07 11:11:42 have 4 avaliable

KittyletteItBe Tue 20-Nov-07 11:13:30

The New iCandy Pear Twin Pushchair is now in stock at Winstanley'sPramworld. Click the image/link below to view the iCandy on our website. syour_family_grows_the_iCandy_Pear_offers_the_ultimate_in_flexibilityWi&action=search&submit=go&ma incatID=0&searchtype=catID&quicksearch=493> --


preggersagain Tue 20-Nov-07 11:18:38

i've just had my delivery- but sadly they are all reserved! but it shows that they are getting out there now- one of these is for me so i shall let you know what i think- someone is assembling one as we speak!

cuddles011 Wed 21-Nov-07 23:12:26

I Candy Pear.
Hi everyone.
Just wanted to let you all know i took delivery of my Pear on Thursday. It is really easy to pust ( i have 16 month old and a 5 month old). No matter what way i put the two, the mobility is the same. It is great and well worth the wait.
The only down side is the front bar does not have a hinge on it like the apple, and the rain covers take a bit getting use to. Apart from that it is a life saver.
I dont find it heavy to lift as in oreder to fold down you have to take the seats off it, but as we normally use it localy, thats not an issue.

hope you all enjoy yours wen it comes.


annwoo Thu 22-Nov-07 13:57:14

Wow cuddles - I'm envious. Am debating about whether to trade in my p&t for one of these. Would really like to see one before I do. Has anyone tried to put theirs into the boot of their car? Are they compact? And easy to lift?

SmilingAsAlways Thu 22-Nov-07 18:12:17

I've had mine on order for some time but tbh changed my order last week to a P&T Sport. Ds will be 18 months old when this lo comes along in 3 weeks and when I went to my local stockists to have a fiddle with the Pear one thing (and one thing only) disappointed me and that was the size of the seat unit. Ds is not particularly long but his head was virtually on the hood (which cannot be taken off if you need to use the raincover) and his feet were already on the bottom of the footrest which is not adjustable in length. I'm now having to get my head round the P&T despite the fact I'm not too keen on placing a newborn on a 'shelf' lol.

I would say personally, the Pear is ideal for twins, but if you have an 18 month gap like me then it's not going to last... unfortunately.

annwoo Fri 23-Nov-07 14:44:15

SAA - I really hated the newborn part of the p & t, felt she just couldn't see anything (apart from me upside down), but she did sleep really well in it as it sways a little bit as you walk. Also liked the cocoon to pick her up v. quickly. Also have 18 month gap - good luck! grin

jakeynbump Mon 26-Nov-07 13:41:02

hi - i have just seen the iCandy pear that i ordered a few weeks back and I was really impressed. My son Jake will be 2 years & 3 months when our new baby comes along so some might say I am mad spending the money on it but I was so impressed i just have too haha. I didn't actually try to put it in my boot but the man in the shop folded it all for me and it was very compact even the adapter lays flat! I have a Passat and it would easily fit into my boot. There is quite a good demo of the pear on the iCandy website. iCandy have been abit sly as they say you can do over 20 different combinations with the pram but only if you have twins. Also you cant have the carry cot facing you unless the toddler is, which I thought was going to be a problem but the pram is so compact when you are pushing it you look straight down onto baby anyway!
You should definatley go and view this pram i was extremely impressed. The guy who we have bought the pram from said iCandy are taking alot of sales from bugaboo as it is a very similar looking pram but more comfortable - dont know how true that is but the iCandy pear does look very good! hope this helps! xx smile

busylittlebeeuk Tue 27-Nov-07 20:05:04

Hi all - am new to the site but registered just to join the discussion re the icandy pear! I have a 14mth old and am now pregnant with our 2nd child due in June, so there will be approx 22 mths between them. We have a Quinny Buzz already and bought a maxicosi car seat with the cabriofix base to fit onto the chassis. I have been looking for a tandem pram which will be compatible with the maxicosi as I am loathed to buy a brand new travel system, and (having cracked it the first time) it is easier to move a car seat than disrupt a sleeping baby when getting out of a car!!!!!!!!! It looks like the icandy pear just might do the trick - do you purchase all the bits seperately???

jakeynbump Mon 03-Dec-07 19:16:40

Hi I have just ordered a maxi cosi car seat aswell as the pear (I also have the quinny) the maxi cosi car seat fixes onto the chasis of the pear. If you saw the pram you would have no doubt in your mind to get it i'm sure! does this answer your quest? smile

delwood Tue 11-Dec-07 19:35:27

hi all, just to let you know that for all those who have ordered or seen a pear if your not aware you can order from your icandy stockists an apple hood and raincover which will make a difference for all those with a toddler over 14 months.this will give you added head height for your toddler

SweetSnowflake Tue 11-Dec-07 19:38:26

Hi someone was on the for sale boards yesterday thinking of selling one of these..see if tis still there?

SweetSnowflake Tue 11-Dec-07 19:41:11 sorry it was also in produts yesterdaysmileHTH

chummymummy Thu 13-Dec-07 13:52:23

After what seemed like forever i finally got my icandy pear from Baby Planet in Leicester (i pre-ordered it in September).

I love this pushchair, if only for the looks it gets from passers-by when i am out n about with the kids who are 17 months and 3 months.

Here is my quick review for anyone who is interested in one of these:

The steering is very good, although it is a little bit on the heavy side. The weight isn't usually a problem except when attempting kerbs etc. There is a little foot rest thing at the back to make this easier and seating the heavier toddler at the back certainly helps. Both seats are virtually identical so you can swap the kids around to whatever suits you best.

The hoods and the footrest can be a little bit small for toddlers. What i have found is that the hood fully extended is ok, because it adds a bit of height for said bubba. It is when the hood is folded back that it seems to get in the way. I can see this becoming more of an issue as time goes on.

With the two seats on the frame, the shopping basket becomes difficult to access. This is a problem as you cant really hang anything from the handlebar, and with two kids, you need the storage.

But no tandem is perfect and other than these issues, i have to say that i love this pushchair, as does my toddler who is fascinated by the fact that he has so many seating options. Like the pre-preggers good old days it is slim, sexy, gets the job done in minimum time and is practical (most of the time)!

By the way, anyone who is contemplating the sling and stroller idea, this is much better in theory than in practice (picture a 'why did i think it was a good idea to get him out of the stroller?' mother scrambling after a 'yes, i'm finally free' toddler with a 'getting heavier by the second' baby strapped to her chest in the park).

lorisparkle Fri 14-Dec-07 20:08:09

We are thinking about the icandy pear as well so will be following this thread for more 'user reviews'!

We are going to our local stockists over the christmas holidays so it will be interesting to see if DS1 fits into it as he is 17mnths and will be 21mnths when DC2 arrives.

mumknitting Fri 14-Dec-07 21:15:59

Hi everyone does anyone know where else I can get a icandy apple hood and rain cover from? as icandy has sold out and are waiting for more to come in.

keziasmum Tue 10-Jun-08 21:38:47

Hi - just wondered if anyone has tried to combine the regular Apple seat with the car seat or regular carry cot on the pip converter frame. Does it fit? They say in my local shop I have to buy 2 new seats as they're smaller and the frame and wheel as a package, but I already have the whole iCandy Apple package and my daugher will be 21 months when my next baby is born.

I'm a bit loathe to spend so much money on 2 new seats when she'll probably want to walk most of the time!


Twelvelegs Fri 20-Jun-08 20:20:04

I'm off to Eric Snooks, Bath, to try out an ICandy Pear tomorrow!!! I have a big toddler already (been in 2-3clothes since 16 months, bizarre for me being 5'ish) and want to make sure the seat's big enough.
I saw a Mutsy duo the other day looked similar but no reclining front seat.

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