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Antique Brass Taps

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LIZS Wed 05-Sep-07 18:26:30

Our bathroom tap is defunct - plumber can't fix the leak. Where stocks Antique Brass - not our first choice but it matches the rest {sigh} - in m a monobloc fitting.

JackieNo Wed 05-Sep-07 18:27:44

Is that like a mixer tap <clueless emoticon>?

LIZS Wed 05-Sep-07 18:29:46

Yes , I guess so. 2 taps , one post iyswim, for wash basin .

JackieNo Wed 05-Sep-07 18:53:38

Here? (about half way down, the Prelude range). But it does have gold trimsad.

LIZS Wed 05-Sep-07 18:56:45

not really us tbh ! actually gold isn't really us but heighho. The bath taps are more like the Edwardian style.

JackieNo Wed 05-Sep-07 19:00:44

They're difficult to find, aren't they.

LIZS Wed 05-Sep-07 19:04:29

Yes I fear so . The Victoria ones are ok style if gold plated but can't see a pic of the monobloc.

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 05-Sep-07 19:07:44


MaryAnnSingleton Wed 05-Sep-07 19:08:24

sorry -

JackieNo Wed 05-Sep-07 19:09:04

This comes in gold, but not antique brass. As does this (although does that mean it's a mixture of gold and chrome - the pic looks like ithmm).

LIZS Wed 05-Sep-07 19:36:14

like Viscount on MAS's link , hmmm...

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 05-Sep-07 19:46:09

mm,they look nice - I was interested in the globe taps as my bath is a Victorian cast iron one on feet,with taps coming out of the sides of the bath

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