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Wellies for really small feet

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glamourbadger Tue 04-Sep-07 14:18:25

Can you get welly boots smaller than a size 4? My toddler twins have tiny feet (size 2F) and I'm looking for some waterproof boots to them to splash around on rainy days. Can't find anything smaller than a 4. Can anyone help? Cheers!

scattyspice Tue 04-Sep-07 14:26:26

I couldn't find any either. DD just used to wear plastic trainers from Woolies to play outside.

familygirl Tue 04-Sep-07 14:35:09

Woolworths do size 3, which I used with a couple of pairs of thickish socks!

Yanka Tue 04-Sep-07 17:04:00

Here they start at size 2 - I bought their wellies twice already (and some other stuff...)

glamourbadger Tue 04-Sep-07 18:10:58

Yanka - you are a life saver! Thanks so much, I will order some.

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