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Anyone know where I can get a cowprint babygrow, age 12/18mth or 18/24??

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kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 11:01:12

I know mother care used to do them (1 outof 2 in the pack was cowprint).

But they arent on their website??

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 11:01:34

1 out of 3

Miaou Tue 04-Sep-07 11:10:33

Um, not sure if this is at all helpful, but I know of a knitting pattern for a cow print all in one suit - maybe someone will make it for you?

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 11:34:25

Awww a knitted one would be adorable!

Dont know any knitters though

Miaou Tue 04-Sep-07 12:29:54

Ask on here! In Arts and Crafts section. I have knitted a teddy bear for a MNer in the past. (I would offer to knit it for you but I have a lot of projects piling up atm!)

mapleleaf Tue 04-Sep-07 14:14:08

adams kids online do one

heifer Tue 04-Sep-07 14:21:48

oh I have just have to help with this

heifer Tue 04-Sep-07 14:22:59

legwarmers to match

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 15:32:01

Thanks but the ADAMS one oly goes up to 9-12 months,

the others a vest

and hes a boy - so no legwarmers!


stealthsquiggle Tue 04-Sep-07 15:35:25

I am sure I have some about that size in one of the "discarded DS clothes for DD to grow into" boxes. They came from Asda ~4 years ago though so not much use to you.

Dare I ask why?!

MrsBadger Tue 04-Sep-07 15:35:40

mothercare still do them tis dalmation not cow

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 16:28:16

No thats not the one i had Mrs Badger, it had big black spots on it.

I dunno - i just think theyre cute & want one!

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 16:28:41

But thanks though!

flowerybeanbag Tue 04-Sep-07 16:31:04

DS has the 3-pack MrsB linked to, and one of them does have big black spots everywhere.

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 16:33:12

It has little round spots likr a dalmation, the one i had was a cow one from mothercare with huge funny shaped spots - and the other 2 in the pack had a small embroidered cow on -- not a dog like them.

This was about 18 months ago now though!

flowerybeanbag Tue 04-Sep-07 16:38:26

they've probably replaced the cow version with the dog version I guess!

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