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big feet = boring shoes

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Bensonbluebird Mon 03-Sep-07 15:09:10

Got DS1 new shoes yesterday - he is 2.7 and has size 9 feet E fitting feet. As usual there was only 1 pair of shoes in the entire shop that fit. I also realised that next time he gets new shoes he will be into the next size range - and they are all boring black school type shoes. It just doesn't seem right on a 2 year old! I may commit a parental sin and get non width fitted shoes, so here is the question: what brands work well on narrow feet?

Califrau Tue 04-Sep-07 02:41:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

arfishy Tue 04-Sep-07 03:21:49

Oh my sympathies. I have gigantic feet and so does DD. She's 4 and in a 12 and all the girls shoes are completely inappropriate. Every time we go to the shoe shop nothing fits.

I had to suffer the humiliation of wearing boys shoes at school until I was 13 as my prep school had uniform shoes that didn't go up to my size. They made me wear the boys ones which were truly the most ugly things you could ever make a 13 year old girl wear in public. <sits in corner and rocks>

I would start looking for specialist shops now before you have to pay for years of trauma therapy wink

Bensonbluebird Tue 04-Sep-07 14:21:46

Oh well....

I too am traumatised by my childhood shoes - my mum made me wear boys shoes because she thought that girls shoes were impractical (we lived in a wood). Little did she know that I would change into my trainers as soon as I got to school.

Thought I would try to spare DS the pain. I don't envy girls shoes but do look longingly at girls clothes - at least they aren't mud coloured.

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