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cool florist in north london please

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LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 20:04:21

to dliver to muswell hill /crouch end area

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 20:05:38


VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 02-Sep-07 20:06:06

Flower - they have a few branches around North London.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 02-Sep-07 20:06:46

Or Pinks - dont know if they will deliver to muswell hill but its not far.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 02-Sep-07 20:07:49

Rosalie Owen arent toooo bad either.

Earlybird Sun 02-Sep-07 20:09:49

It's been years since I've ordered from them though, but assume they'll deliver to where you need..........

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 20:12:03

hmm wnqat local really ot avoid high charges

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 20:15:13


boo64 Sun 02-Sep-07 20:48:36

Sam Wood at Totteridge and Whetstone station are very good and deliver.

Veni - do you live in Whetstone?

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 21:28:18


VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 02-Sep-07 21:31:42

I used to live in Woodside Park, I currently work in Whetstone, but I now live in Enfield grin

Lio Sun 02-Sep-07 21:33:31

Second Paul Pryke but = expensive. I might be off beam here, but I think their minimum might be £50.

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 21:36:42

yy too £££
shit may resoprt to mail order

boo64 Sun 02-Sep-07 21:51:10

I'll post a link in a mo - just got to find her site!

boo64 Sun 02-Sep-07 21:55:17

8492 9422
is her tel no.

They do lovely modern stuff and deliver

Veni - I live there. The high street seems to be improving a bit doesn't it (and it needed to!)
Sorry for the thread hijack.

LaCod Sun 02-Sep-07 21:55:43

is that with a 020?

boo64 Sun 02-Sep-07 21:56:14

Yes sorry

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