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Is there such a think as a really tough portable CD player for little kids?

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IlanaK Sun 02-Sep-07 14:19:17

I have found some online with kids designs, but they don't look any more tough and non-breakable than normal ones. I want something like the kids-tough camera by little tikes that can withstnad being dropped.

IlanaK Sun 02-Sep-07 14:20:00

and did I actually type "think" instea dof "thing" in the subject????

Nightynight Sun 02-Sep-07 15:06:30

I havent found it yet, but am still looking. dd wants one for her birthday, but I took one look at the flimsy plastic case of the ones in our local electric shop, and said No.

MrsBadger Sun 02-Sep-07 15:13:16

kid tough do an mp3-type player but not a cd player.

from 3 yrs?

spinspinsugar Sun 02-Sep-07 16:22:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dottydot Sun 02-Sep-07 16:24:11

Depends how old they are - we got 5 year old ds1 a cheap CD player from Argos - was an ordinary one but £20 and seems unbreakable (so far...)

IlanaK Sun 02-Sep-07 16:58:28

Wow - the kid tough mp3 player looks great, but it really doesn't hold much on it. And my 3 year old is more likely to be able to chose a cd off a shelf, than he is to scroll through (as he can't read) and pick from a screen. So I think it is not what I am looking for.

I did see the one from ELC but it just does not look that tough. Perhaps I need to go into a store and look at it. It does say from 3 years so you would expect it to last.

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