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I would like to buy myself a Waterproof stylist jacket from the high street.........

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Biglips Sun 02-Sep-07 12:24:33

Which one should i buy??


MrsBadger Sun 02-Sep-07 12:35:14

this is the best compromise I've found - no hood, but quite stylish and definitely waterproof.

Biglips Sun 02-Sep-07 12:45:39

that is gorgeous that but YES i do need a hood too - i prefer the ones that i can roll away inside collar

MrsBadger Sun 02-Sep-07 12:55:27

Millets or Blacks, in that case - they both have sales at the moment so you might get lucky

Biglips Sun 02-Sep-07 15:02:56

we've got a Millets here in Town...ill pop down v soon and see wha!


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