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Quinny Zapp?

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Rumpel Sat 01-Sep-07 16:41:05

Quick question - does the Quinny Zapp have adjustable height handles?

bonkerz Sat 01-Sep-07 16:43:10

no but is a very good buggy!

Rumpel Sat 01-Sep-07 16:46:49

How tall are you?

bonkerz Sat 01-Sep-07 16:48:03

5ft 1 so i am a short arse and its fine for me. Dh is 6ft and pushes it fine too.

Rumpel Sat 01-Sep-07 16:50:04

Hmm I might try it then. We have a Buzz but need something nano small now as I have a mini and the replacement buggy I bought has wheels too close together and I keep standing on the wheels as I walk so fast! Very annoying!

bonkerz Sat 01-Sep-07 16:51:53

definately worth getting. I love mine and use it for everything. Its easy to move about and great for quick trips.

Rumpel Sat 01-Sep-07 17:05:38

Ok - thanks a lot for your advice.

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