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*Gorgeous Products* - I had to tell you about this website

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Browny Thu 30-Aug-07 23:08:52

Hi, I was looking at mumzmall website and ordered from here on Tuesday:

My order arrived today, the products are beautiful, I ordered the organic coconut oil and massage/bath oil. There's quite a few other items I'd like to try too! Thought it was only fair to share with mn smile.

Browny Thu 30-Aug-07 23:13:16 blush

JeremyVile Thu 30-Aug-07 23:13:20

"Cath Kidston "Mooncup" bag - Cottage Clover White
Jazz up your Mooncup with this fantastic bag, handmade from stunning Cath Kidston fabric. Featuring a ribbon drawstring, your Mooncup will be both secure and attractive in this lovely little bag - no need to hide your Mooncup anymore!"

Quite. grin

thelittleElf Thu 30-Aug-07 23:14:52

Not sure having a jazzy bag for a 'blobbing' cup would make it more appealing shock vomits grin

madamez Thu 30-Aug-07 23:16:11

A white bag for a farking mooncup? There's logical.

JeremyVile Thu 30-Aug-07 23:17:37

Sorry Browny!!

The stuff does look lovely. grin

Browny Thu 30-Aug-07 23:20:07

It is lovely, I'm sorry I didn't order the other products I had my eye on... but I will smile.

NannyL Fri 31-Aug-07 08:06:19


it doesnt matter what colour the mooncup bag is (it comes in a white bag anyway)

it only goes into the bag once it has been washed and sterilised hmm

was quite tempted by a cathkidstone mooncup bag actually! wink

Browny Fri 31-Aug-07 13:47:23

I thought of MN straight away when I saw the Mooncup bag, it is very pretty but I've never been tempted to a Mooncup.

madamez Sat 01-Sep-07 00:20:52

NannyL - well i sorted of hoped that no on e wasgoing to put it away dripping but just in cae I would have thought a blue bag (likie all hose adds on telly) might have been more suitable.

brandnewhelsy Sat 01-Sep-07 00:26:32

Brilliant - so now you can have sanitary protection that matches your tent AND your ironing board cover grin

ProjectIcarusinhercar Sat 01-Sep-07 01:43:58

I think a Cath Kidston Mooncup bag is the most mumsnetty of things I have ever seen.

UCM Sat 01-Sep-07 01:46:07

Oh, how can a Cath Kidston Mooncup bag look good though? It's small and probably lives in a very small drawer. It's not like having the blue/cream/roses wellies is it. The Umbrella is nice if you are not using it because you won't look at the print whist it's pissing down.

LadySnotAlot Sat 01-Sep-07 01:47:33

PMSL at cath kidson mooncup bag.

Still not entirely sure on what a mooncup looks like / how effective it is, but I'm oh so sure that the bag is a definite 'necessity accessory'! grin

1dilemma Sat 01-Sep-07 01:58:55

quite disappointed not to be able to see the mooncup bag by Cath Kidson

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