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Lightweight pushchair folding

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Ellaroo Tue 03-Sep-02 20:43:35

Hello, I was looking at the new Maclaren Volo pushchair today (which is gorgeous and a dream to push!), however, to fold it you had to take the hood off. This seems a bit odd to me - it makes it not one-handed, leaves you with a hood to carry around etc etc. Is this standard for umbrella fold pushchairs that have hoods????

MandyD Tue 03-Sep-02 20:45:01

No way! The Maclaren Daytripper folds easily with the hood on!

angharad Wed 04-Sep-02 09:06:52

Is that because the standard Volo (they're the mesh ones?) come without a hood? Daytrippers, technos etc all fold with the hood on.

sobernow Wed 04-Sep-02 09:22:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Wed 04-Sep-02 09:51:00

I just bought a Maclaren daytripper from Toysrus for £50 (£20 off) and I'm delighted with it.

Bozza Wed 04-Sep-02 11:59:32

Bundle - we got our Daytripper with £20 from Mothercare (last season's colour I suppose) and generally its fine but it is extremely difficult to recline. DS has to sleep (on the rare occasions) upright.

Bozza Wed 04-Sep-02 12:00:12

Sorry - £20 off.

bundle Wed 04-Sep-02 12:01:23

mine's the navy one with green piping, don't really care about the colours.

Ellaroo Wed 04-Sep-02 12:57:48

thanks for the advice. Sobernow, what's the Quest like? Is it easy to push?

Bozza Wed 04-Sep-02 13:02:37

I've got navy with yellow - but if I had been prepared to pay an extra £20 I could have had navy with turquoise.....

sjs Wed 04-Sep-02 16:41:59

Ellaroo. We've got the Maclaren Volo and it definitely does fold with the hood on. It looks like it wouldn't but it does with no problems. We're in and out of buses all the time so it gets folded up v. frequently. Really recommend it - it's really light and easy to fold up. Only problem we have found is that the front wheels don't lock into the fixed mode very easily but we've got used to them in "shopping trolley" mode.

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