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Presents for twins

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accessorizewithbabysick Wed 29-Aug-07 22:23:49

A good friend in australia has had twins and I'd like to send something but she never had time to give me any ideas as she gave birth at 33 weeks. I'm sure someone posted a brilliant idea, a thing to put next to each baby saying the last time they were fed. You could just move the time round. But I lost my bookmarks so no idea how to find that again. Anyone know what I mean?
I also thought about sleeping bags, but ones that were small enough as most start at 7 pounds but the babies are only 4 pounds now.
Any ideas for useful and fairly lightweight things to send? They've got loads of clothes and blankets, I know that at least.

RuthChan Thu 30-Aug-07 14:41:38

I think sleeping bags make a great present.
You won't be able to get any smaller than 7 or 8 pounds because babies aren't supposed to sleep in them until they reach that weight.
However, there's nothing wrong with a present that she can look forward to using in a couple of months. smile

sandyballs Thu 30-Aug-07 14:45:10

They'll be 7 pounds very soon, sleeping bags are a good idea.

Mommalove Thu 30-Aug-07 21:30:04

Message withdrawn

DrNortherner Thu 30-Aug-07 21:33:10

You mean the baby feed wheel

Fab idea I think!

accessorizewithbabysick Thu 30-Aug-07 22:22:06

Ooh, that's the one DrNortherner! Just what I wanted (plus some sleeping bags). They're up to 5 pounds each apparently, best send them soon! Thanks all.

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