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Does anyone know where I can get a pair of Ugg style slippers <old lady cold feet alert>

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DANCESwithDumbledore Wed 29-Aug-07 20:37:03

Ok, I'm in my early thirties but <said pleadingly> I get really cold feet. My friend's mum (who is in her 60's blush) had some lovely slippers that were like Ugg boots. I know I'm sad but dammit I DON'T CARE grin

tissy Wed 29-Aug-07 20:42:50


Blondie79 Wed 29-Aug-07 20:43:42

Tescos- for £10. I am currently wearing some!

firsttimemama Wed 29-Aug-07 20:49:03


PersonalClown Wed 29-Aug-07 20:53:40

Next have some nice ones.
I also get really cold feet. Normal slippers just don't work.

Lio Wed 29-Aug-07 20:55:18

I got my two pairs (!) from New Look and some cheapy shoe shop. THey were everywhere in time for Christmas last year, and I 'm sure they will be again this year, so if they're not in stock yet, they will be soon. My New Look ones were dreamy but I wore them to death.

PersonalClown Wed 29-Aug-07 20:56:28

My big fluffy monster feet ones I'm wearing now have almost had it.
I was searching for Ugg styles slippers earlier!

tortoise Wed 29-Aug-07 20:58:59

I got a pink pair in Tescos yesterday. £8. Really warm and comfy. My DS's keep trying to pinch them off me feet grin

DANCESwithDumbledore Wed 29-Aug-07 21:00:34

Oooooooooh, thank you! The next ones look fab and not too expensive. Anyone got any codes for free postage <cheapskate emotion> wink

DANCESwithDumbledore Wed 29-Aug-07 21:01:35

We don't have a decent tescos clothes stores near here sad

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