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baba slings

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bumbly Wed 29-Aug-07 15:29:08

ok tried numerous slings..all never worked

got baba slings and they almost aeem to do the job

anyone else have them?

however when trying to put little one in it in transverse position 9classic sling position) i alway seem to get him caught/stuck and also he ends up looking pretty contorted

desp need hints and tips to put baby in sling!

kiskidee Wed 29-Aug-07 21:28:27

sling instructions

bumbly Sat 01-Sep-07 22:09:18

=thank you!!

great link -

although now worried as baby in baba sling has always had chin right up against chest - he falls asleep in it but breathing seems inhibited,noisy and am not sure it is healthy!!!

oh dear...have i stopped him breathing properly!!!!??

kiskidee Sun 02-Sep-07 14:14:20

i don't know what to say about his chin against his chest. try putting a rolled up towel under him supporting his neck and back as the link below said.

Since i don't know about babaslings, i am not sure if it is modelled after a ring sling or a pouch sling. My instinct is that it is like a pouch. what do you think?

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