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What should I buy from Lakeland?

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frogs Tue 28-Aug-07 20:12:21

Have ordered a yoghurt maker, since we go through vats of the stuff. But I keep hearing about all the other fab products they do -- what are your top tips?

smoggie Tue 28-Aug-07 20:57:20

Bags for roasting chicken inside so that it doesn't splat the cooker.
Oven mate for when you forget the bags!
Children's cups with integrated straws in them (big hit in our house)
E cloths
Segregated utensil holder -- used to infuriate me wrestling the whisk free from the other 20 utensils, now they are all lovely and untangled!

There are bound to be more, but thats what I bought last week in HArrogate grin

nell12 Tue 28-Aug-07 20:59:29

Cereal bowl with integrated straw..dd FINALLY drinks up her milk!!

Oven liner..the crud just rinses off

Craft/ scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff

MrsBadger Tue 28-Aug-07 21:06:16

roasting bags
the everlasting cake tin liners thus
cool bags for school packed lunches

I always end up getting stuff for dh's christmas stocking - this year a Microplane grater...

Katisha Tue 28-Aug-07 21:07:47

Those green bags that keep food fresh for ages in the fridge - you'll never have yellowing broccoli again. Or brown slimy lettuce. Or rotten carrots festering at the bottom of the salad tray. And you can keep washing them and resusing them I've found. Get the big ones.

Ceolas Tue 28-Aug-07 21:15:58

I covet this roasting dish...

JackieNo Tue 28-Aug-07 21:21:13

Yes - agree about the microfibre cloths - they're fab. I've just put in an order - mostly gadgets to help my mum, who has arthritis, but also some bits for me, including an apple corer and slicer (lazy, moi?), some waterproof pouches that DH can take with him when he goes diving (not when he's actually diving you understand - just on the boatgrin), and a couple of sandwich coolers for picnics.

EmsMum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:24:06

proper ziplock bags. Ecloths.
those net umbrella thingys for keeping flies off food. really good garlic press.

I was wondering about getting yogurt maker as DH has suddenly realised its really good and healthy and is getting through about 3 small pots of 0%fat Total greek yog a day ...
does anyone know if home yog makers can produce anything like Greek or is it the runny stuff I remember people making when I was a kid?

JackieNo Tue 28-Aug-07 21:26:22

Emsmum - there's a Greek mix thingy.

frogs Tue 28-Aug-07 21:35:24

Excellent, thank you, guys! I knew there would be lots of ideas. Anyone used the yoghurt maker, or have anything else they'd like to recommend?

EmsMum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:38:28

Thanks JackieNo!

mamijacacalys Tue 28-Aug-07 21:39:40

Microfibre cloths.
Lock and Lock containers.
Oven liner on a roll - the gunk just slides off.
Ovenmate for cleaning the oven shelves etc.
Cheese knife.
Tomato knife.

Oooh...must've a look at the catalogue now....!smile

HormonesAGogo Wed 29-Aug-07 16:55:01

Hi, we use the yoghurt maker all the time as we eat tons of the stuff. We just have the organic bio mix and is lovely and creamy - think the Greek one would be even more so! Recommend highly.

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