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bum too big for a bumbo! is there anything bigger?

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pieceofcake Tue 28-Aug-07 19:49:22

i've just bought a bumbo seat only to find my 4 month old has nearly reached the max weight and consequently doesn't fit in it. does anyone know of anything similar but bigger? smile

tassisssss Tue 28-Aug-07 22:00:24

not being cheeky, but are you sure?

I borrowed one recently and my 4 year old could fit in it!

is it worth trying again?

(my 2 were HUGE bumbo fans of our favourite bits of baby kit!)

ruddynorah Tue 28-Aug-07 22:02:20

crikey he must be huge. what weight is he?

Twinklemegan Tue 28-Aug-07 22:02:32

Does your 4 month old wear real nappies? Because we found a similar thing when DS was around 6 months. Having said that, we didn't use the bumbo that much anyway and I'm inclined to think that it stops them from learning to sit on their own. Also they can't reach their toys easily, so I'm not really a big fan.

EllieK Tue 28-Aug-07 22:03:28

I have just sold mine on as my 4mth old has such chunky thighs they are too big for the leg slots blush

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 28-Aug-07 22:04:27

Twinkle - I don't think it stops them sitting on their own. DS1 (never had one) and learned to sit around 5/6 months....but then never did much more until he was over 1yr old (could roll in one direction though grin)

DS2 had one and was sitting unaided at 4 1/2 mohths, crawled at 7, climbed 3 steps at 7 1/2 months and walked at 10 months.

tassisssss Tue 28-Aug-07 22:06:11

TM, but there's that stage (and it felt like an ETERNITY for my LOS )where they want to sit but can't...I guess maybe you're a Good Mummy who props them up, but I loved to plonk them in bumbo beside me on the worktop so they could watch me cook or whatever!

(mine were in cloth, so big bots!, but fitted the bumbo until they could sit unaided at which point life got so much easier!)

spinspinsugar Tue 28-Aug-07 22:06:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 28-Aug-07 22:07:23

"I guess maybe you're a Good Mummy who props them up,"

We are currently the good parents who do that for DS3 - except we end up holding him up.... (he tends to get fed up very quickly in most other positions)......hence me now buying a Bumbo grin

stressteddy Tue 28-Aug-07 22:08:36

But their legs get smaller as they get older and then they fit into the Bumbo. Give it time. I loved mine
Great to take to places to put him in to feed etc

spinspinsugar Tue 28-Aug-07 22:09:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twinklemegan Tue 28-Aug-07 22:14:42

Actually another factor in giving up the bumbo was that DS learned to tip himself out of it by the time he was 6 months, big real nappy bum or not. grin

stressteddy Tue 28-Aug-07 22:18:04

Oops sorry. blush

spinspinsugar Tue 28-Aug-07 22:46:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bubbaloo Wed 29-Aug-07 07:24:23

My 2 year old sits in oursgrin.

seeker Wed 29-Aug-07 08:09:47

My dd's thighs were too chubby (aka fat) for those baby swim seats. She got stuck in one once and the managet od the swimming pool had to cut the seat off her!!!

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