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Can anyone suggest a funky double buggy?

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cookiesandcream Mon 27-Aug-07 10:11:58

I like the look of the quinny but they don't do them - also I like bight colours such as the mamas and papas luna range (think that's what it's called!) but not pink as my ds is a boy!

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 27-Aug-07 10:12:56

cant suggest a funky one, but one of the best available is a out n about nipper. not just say that because a friend is selling hers, but there is good reviews on them

Pixiefish Mon 27-Aug-07 10:40:17

Phil and teds has a doubles kit and is a funky looking three wheeler

Loopymumsy Mon 27-Aug-07 18:39:06

Message withdrawn

lorisparkle Mon 27-Aug-07 19:34:39

I've heard that the new colours for the jane powertwin are quite amazing and it is meant to be a pretty good twin.

Have you seen the new icandy pear. That is a rather funky one too.... Look at

MarsLady Mon 27-Aug-07 19:39:30

That icandy pear is lovely! Would've gone for one of those had it been around 3 years ago. Sigh....

HenriettaHippo Mon 27-Aug-07 19:45:18

wow, that icandy is amazing.

Must sell my Phil & Teds quickly before it becomes too old fashioned...!!!

Loopymumsy Mon 27-Aug-07 20:04:22

Message withdrawn

Bubbaloo Mon 27-Aug-07 20:27:54

I've got a blue camo P&T's which is a rather funky colour-everyone comments on itgrin.

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