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Any Pramaholics know what the limited edition Silver Cross fabrics are /were?

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andyrobo237 Sun 26-Aug-07 20:06:41

A lady in our road has what I think is a Silver Cross 3D pramette (at least that what it looks like) but it is kind or black or grey with a red pattern on it (possibly flowery or swirly).

I am just being nosey and havent seen it close up, but have trawled several sites with prams on and not seen it! The baby is only 6 weeks old so it must be fairly recent!

Any ideas anyone??

glucose Sun 26-Aug-07 21:39:01

there is a sort of sparkly grey/beige colour silver cross in the window of peter jones at the moment it has a sort of swirly gold and pink (i think) flowery pattern on it. When I am up that way again I will take a closer look for you. It is very very lovely but dh sayes I simply cannot have another buggy(dd is 3yo)

andyrobo237 Mon 27-Aug-07 20:34:49

Oh it sounds just like it! I have searched around, but not seen it! Will have to ask the lady next time I see her!

glucose Mon 27-Aug-07 21:33:26

Do you have a silver cross yourself?
I have an old XT it's fab, I have managed to fit a small 6yo in the shopping rack underneath (he got fed up walking on Salisbury Plain!) my scotty dog has started getting funny turns so has started sitting in the seat and my 3yo sits on the roof, and the wheels really do run over sandy beaches. No good for public transport though have had a series of rubbishy fold ups for this, which dd hates sitting in. I have had a weeks shopping in the shopping bag of the XT

Do you now feel like such a pramaholic?

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