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Looking for navy wellies and a coat like this.....have you seen them? Eddie Bauer kids? HELP ME!!!!!

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GrumpyOldJetlaggedWoman Thu 23-Aug-07 12:21:54

I am sick of pink Barbie and sparkly crap, and want a normal plain pair of navy wellies (the ones with the 'handles' on the legs to make them easier to pull on) and a yellow raincoat like the one here, but costing less than £46!

I saw exactly the wellies I want on an Eddie Bauer ad in an American magazine, but can I find Eddie Bauer Kids on th'internet? NO! So any of our American cousins who know where I might find them, please check in here. Desperately in need, here on the stableyard.

MilaMae Thu 23-Aug-07 17:00:08

We've got a yellow raincoat from Gap the best one we've ever had. Brilliant hood. I know I've seen them elsewhere too but can't remember where.

hana Thu 23-Aug-07 17:01:49

some of the boden fleecy raincoats aren't too bad
have you tried a garden center? they usually have a good selection and not all pink

I am drowning in pink with 3 girls.......the older 2 insist on pink and the youngest just inherits it all....sigh!

LIZS Thu 23-Aug-07 17:02:12

These come in navy but no handles. Muddy Puddles do that style of waterproofs or perhaps H and M. There is a store called Jo Kids which often was at outlet places, stocking similar.

GrumpyOldJetlaggedWoman Fri 24-Aug-07 10:51:31

Thanks. I tried Muddy Puddles, but couldn't see quite what I wanted. I do really want handles on the wellies - it makes them sooo much easier to pull on (especially when they are plastered in mud!)

DD1 had a jacket like the Petit Bateau one, but I remember getting it from La Redoute and that was about 10 years ago (Big age gap - never thought I'd need it again!) It was fab, really waterproof because it is a rubbery sort of outer shell with a nice comfy cotton lining - alot of the waterproofs have no lining and can get very clammy and uncomfortable (they get damp inside - yuck)

You'd think, wouldn't you, that in this miserable country of rain, rain and more rain, finding weatherproof clothes would be a doddle...

JackieNo Fri 24-Aug-07 10:58:28

Yellow coat? Still not cheap though. Just noticed link doesn't work - try searching for it - it's called the 'Abeko and Nordic Tells' raincoat, £23.

JackieNo Fri 24-Aug-07 11:01:38

Or how about some of these?

JackieNo Fri 24-Aug-07 11:03:27

These come in yellow.

GrumpyOldJetlaggedWoman Fri 24-Aug-07 11:09:45

Jackie, you are a veritable font of information!

The first link with the nordic jacket came closest..if it had a cotton/jersey lining it would have been perfect (fussy little girl who will never wear anything again if she has memories of any discomfort whatsoever). I have found quite a few pairs of wellies with handles, unfortunately none of them plain. AAARGH!

Thanks for your help; feel free to keep 'researching'...

GrumpyOldJetlaggedWoman Fri 24-Aug-07 12:42:26

I've caved.

To my eternal disgrace I have just ordered the Petit Bateau one at a cost (including 15% discount) of 40 quid.

I'm going to make her wear it every day, rain or shine.

Now, if I can only find me them there wellies.

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